Clipping Coupons Can Actually Clip Your Wallet, Time, And Health

Even during tough economic times people will always have necessities that they cant afford to not spend money on. Everyone has to have food on the table, right? Many people resort to clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or whatever other mailings they get from local retailers and grocery stores to save a few bucks here and there. While it seems like a great way to save in theory, it can actually be a money trap that will cost you more in the long run. Not only can this form of saving actually cost you money, but it can also lead to other shortcuts that cost you your health.   Most of the coupons you see in advertisements are for products that are either overpriced to begin with, or items that you never really needed in the first place. The only way that coupons for brand name products actually save you money is if they bring the price below that of their generic or store brand counterparts. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that advertising that included the word FREE was more likely to garner sales than items priced so low that they might as well be free. Even offered free shipping they noticed that orders jumped exponentially over offering shipping at a negligible amount as low at 10 cents.   Some of the most popular coupons are for the unhealthiest types of foods. Sugary drinks and salty snacks, as well as processed and frozen foods are the most common food coupons you see. The trick here is that by using coupons and saving youre forgetting that youre loading up on junk food. Junk is exactly the term to use for these types of foods, as it refers to something you simply dont need. If you think that youre using a 25 cent coupon to buy a $1 bottle of soda to save 25 cents, youre wrong. Youve actually just wasted 75 cents. Because these kinds of foods are so unhealthy you may also be adding to your own long term medical costs as well, and thats certainly not a savings.    

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