Classic And Advanced Teeth Whitening Options Which Is Effective?

DSome people are lucky enough to have had a good dental hygiene routine since they were very young. People who stick to the good practice they have been taught in childhood are likely to have strong and gorgeous teeth that can last them a lifetime. The rest of us might not be as fortunate; easy-going parents, combined with bad eating and drinking habits learned in adulthood, and not to mention smoking, can result in unwanted and unsightly discolouration on once-white teeth.

Getting Rid Of Teeth Colouration

Natural Teeth Whitening

How can we get rid of such unsightly colouration, return to whiter teeth, and gain higher esteem in the eyes of friends and family? In fact, there are a few simple teeth whitening steps to take that are so easy and are practically no-brainers. That is to brush your teeth thoroughly in the right manner two to three times a day. And you should soon be able to see some improvements.

However, natural teeth whitening procedures can prove to be a tediously long route for most people. It is littered with many unsuccessful outcomes as well. This is true especially if you do not do it as diligently as it should be done. If your teeth are already far from white, then straying from the straight and narrow path will only lead to frustration and disappointment in the end.

Laser Teeth Whitening

An alternative to whitening your teeth on your own would be to undergo a laser teeth whitening procedure. Instead of one to three months of diligent tooth brushing, you need to spend one to three hours with your dentist, who will first apply a translucent tooth bleaching gel to your teeth. A laser will then be switched on, which will in turn activate the crystals in the gel. With the high energy provided by the laser, the crystals penetrate into the tooth enamel, resulting in a whiter set of teeth.


Apart from laser teeth whitening, the same result can be achieved by bleaching. This costs significantly less than laser treatment, but if you factor in the number of dental visits you would have to make before one bleaching treatment is complete - and this can take up about 50 hours in total - then laser teeth whitening may not look that expensive anymore.

In addition to that, your teeth wont wind up as white as they would be, compared to laser-treated teeth. Besides this, the brilliance of teeth that have been bleached lasts only four to 12 months. In contrast, teeth whitening via laser can last 12 to 18 months.

Taking care of your teeth is part of an individuals overall oral hygiene routine. And oral health is not something to be taken lightly because there are dangerous outcomes that can affect the other systems of your body as well. Since all body systems work in a coordinated way with each other, having one or several portions of it functioning badly can definitely hinder the overall process. Its best to look after your teeths health.

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