Cell Phones Classified As "Possible Carcinogens" Although Evidence Is "Limited"

We live in the most connected society that our world has ever seen, and yet were so distant from each other at the same time. Whether youre walking down the street or driving across town, youre more than likely to see numerous people on cell phones. Studies and warnings about cell phone safety have existed in one form or another for years, though for a long time much of it was rumor or conspiracy theory. Now, official word comes from a group affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO) that says they are a possible carcinogen. However, they also say that evidence is limited. So, is it really time to be afraid of your phone or not?


This, of course, isnt even the first official announcement that there is a link between mobile phone use and certain types of cancer. The same organization who via the WHO made this report also claimed a link to brain tumors back in 2009. An 18% increased risk was associated with tumor development on the side of the brain where cell phones were mostly used was noted at that time. Then again in 2010 a tumor link was reported by the International Electromagnetic Field Cooperative. This particular report also included numbers from a Swedish study that found a 420% increase in brain cancers among children who started using cordless and cell phones as teens opposed to those who didnt.


Dozens of reports have been published over the years, all with limited evidence. However, does the official classification of cell phones as possibly carcinogenic warrant mass hysteria? If it does, then you should also be wary of such things as coffee and working at night, because those are also on the same list. While its certainly a big news scare when it makes media waves like it has, its important to remember that sunlight actually causes more cellular damage than the weak radio waves emitted by cell phones.


Not to downplay any particular risk however, because were constantly being bombarded from all angles with similar sorts of pollution that leads to toxic overload. If youre truly concerned about this newly minted official risk, then a wired headset for your phone would be a good place to start, followed by a healthy, natural detoxification and cleanse.



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