Cancer Proven To Be Man-Made Disease

Over 200 years ago, a German philosopher named Arthur Schopenhauer stated that All truth goes through 3 stages. First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it is widely accepted as self evident. With all the power, money, and blatant disregard for human health and happiness that exists within big pharma and the cancer industry, the ridicule and opposition to the latest cancer discovery is bound to be enormous. A recently published study not only suggests, but nearly proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that cancer is man-made.


Researchers have studied hundreds of ancient bodies, Egyptian mummies to be precise. Slivers of tissue have been rehydrated and scrutinized for signs of cancer, malignancies, or tumor growth. They even scoured over ancient literature for anything to point to the disease. What they found was slim to none, at best. Previous studies have proven that the mummification process would preserve tumors even better than healthy tissue, so degradation of those tissues is not a factor. Also taken into consideration is the argument that most Egyptians didnt live long enough to develop cancer. Despite that possibility, other diseases that relate to the aging process still existed, like hardening of the arteries was still prevalent. After hundreds of tissue samples were examined, only 1 case of cancer was confirmed. Even in the study of thousands of both man and animal fossils, only 1 instance of cancer is on record.


It seems that cancer didnt become such an issue until civilization began to evolve and move forward. With this evolution, we became societies of excess. Industrial revolution, pollution, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyles all play parts. Even with science proving that lifestyle and diet changes have major effects on cancer rates, youd be hard pressed to find someone in the industry who wouldnt rush you straight into pumping your body full of chemicals to treat this disease. This is partly because doctors are trained to prescribe medicine, not nutrition. Consider vitamin D yet again. It has been PROVEN to prevent numerous cancers among other diseases, and yet the medical industry has actually partnered with the government to warn against taking too much of it.


Until healthcare providers can find a way to charge you for sunlight, its not likely that wide acceptance will happen. Opposition and ridicule however, are all around us.

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