Can Your Cell Phone Make You Healthier?

Not many people go anywhere these days without their cell phone. Were the most connected society, and yet we still have astronomical rates of depression and related conditions. Cell phones have a bad reputation in the world of health, whether its their links to carpal tunnel syndrome or their potentially dangerous radiation that could increase risk of brain cancers. There are steps you can take to avoid these few negative aspects such as using headsets or speech to text applications, and theyre well worth it because your phone could be a lot more beneficial to your health than you know. Here are a few ways how:


Millions of Americans are on one or more type of prescription medication, and at the same time many of us fail to adhere to the proper medication schedules for those drugs. Missing doses can make big differences over time, so how about an alarm or text message to remind you when to take the next one? CareSpeak is an application that offers a medication management service for free that can not only remind you when your next dose is, but even when to refill your prescription.


The American Diabetes Association published a study recently that found patients who used a mobile coaching application as well as following their doctors treatment guidelines had better results with managing type 2 diabetes. The study of 163 participants found that among those using such applications had a 1.9% decrease in their glycated hemoglobin as opposed to only a 0.7% decrease in those who did not. Glycated hemoglobin is a very important factor in determining how well diabetes is being managed.


The Lancet published a study recently that suggests cell phones may even help in smoking cessation. Their study involved around 6,000 smokers over a 6 month period, and found that those who received support from friends and family in the way of text messaging were twice as likely to quit as those who didnt.


With the high prevalence of smart phones and their increasing popularity and availability, there are literally thousands of applications out there to help manage and improve your health.



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