Can watching sick people make you sick?

  Mind over matter, mass hysteria, and hypochondria are all familiar terms, but where do we draw the line as far as what leads us to these situations? According to a new study at the University of Rhode Island, your choice of entertainment could have more to do with your health than you might think. This study is suggesting that TV can have a bigger impact than previously thought, and theyre not just referring to the sedentary lifestyle it invokes either. Theyre suggesting that WHAT you watch can have an effect. In this case, its medical dramas. So, is it possible to get sick by watching sick people? They seem to think so.   Many people tend to assume the worst in lifes random situations, and in the case of TV drama, its usually what they choose to show because its more entertaining. However, it seems that some of these producers and writers should do their homework beforehand. This research indicates that it is how medicine is represented that is having a negative effect on people. Procedures arent performed accurately, diseases are blown out of proportion, and things as simple as CPR are misrepresented to the point that its dangerous to even think about.   The point to be taken is that a majority of people watch these types of shows and instantly have a fear of the medical and health world. They see it as though diseases can rarely be cured, or they are cured instantly. Theres no gray area in between, which in reality is where most cases fall. Many people just want instant gratification, and thats a luxury most dont get. If we succumb to the mind over matter view to the negative side of these things, we must also remember that its all just entertainment. There are plenty of people out there who know far more than TV producers who just want people to watch. There are real doctors who want to help you more than they want to have an affair with a coworker. Im talking to you Greys Anatomy.  

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