How You Can Prevent Denture Pain

Dental Mac 06Wearing dentures can take quite a lot of getting used to. In most cases people with new dentures will experience some discomfort and swelling of the soft tissue inside the mouth and some people might even have to endure a great deal of denture pain. Even people who have been using dentures for some time may experience sore gums or aching jaws once in a while, but the good news is that there are a couple of different things that you can do in order to avoid denture pain.

The very first thing to do when you are going to start wearing dentures is to ensure that they are made to fit you properly. Ill-fitting dentures will consistently cause pain and discomfort for the wearer and can even lead to oral infections taking hold.

Here are a couple of other ways in which you can minimize the amount of denture pain you experience:

Develop A Strict Cleaning Routine

If you do not maintain an effective cleaning routine with your dentures and oral health, then you are very likely to run into problems and begin experiencing oral infections. Bacteria build up in the mouth very quickly and when you wear dentures it can become trapped on the gum line very quickly. Your dentist will give you some guidance on how to correctly clean your dentures and maintain good oral health.

Generally, you will have to clean the dentures with a denture brush and leave them in a glass with a denture cleanser overnight in order to ensure that they do not become a playground for bacteria. There are specific denture products that you should buy such as cleansing tablets, denture brushes and denture paste. Using normal tooth brushing products is not advised as these can be too abrasive for dentures.

Rest Your Gums

When you wear dentures it is very important that you give your mouth time to rest. You will take out the dentures each night, but at first it might be a good idea to give your mouth some denture-free time during the day too. During the times that you do not have the dentures in place, you can also give your gums a massage to maximize blood circulation to the area and eliminate bacteria. Over time, your gums will become more used to the dentures and you can wear them for more extended periods. Using aloe vera gel on your gums is also very effective at reducing inflammation and soothing the soft gum tissue.

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