British Ex-Miner Free From 30 Years of Ongoing Earaches and Headaches

Have you ever had an ear ache? Terrible, arent they? Hours of pain that nothing seems to remedy until in most cases, the infection is healed. Well, imagine having an ear ache of that magnitude for 30 years. Stephen Hirst of Sheffield, Great Britain had such an ear ache that was recently cured, and the media was just waiting to sink their teeth into this story.   Stephen had to go into early retirement due to daily excruciating pain. The ex-miner had dealt with it since age 14. Now age 47, Stephen has spent over 30 years being examined by doctors and specialists trying to determine the cause of the sharp, jabbing pain that wouldnt go away. Not one to give up, he recently visited the Royal Hallamshire Hospital where the cause was surprisingly quickly discovered. With the help of a suction tube and tweezers, a nurse discovered what appeared to be a baby tooth lodged in Hirsts ear that he said he must have put there when he was a kid, but had no recollection of.   Whats most amazing is that it took 30 years and a simple examination to get to the cause of something that seems so simple. Doctors and specialists often have patients with foreign objects stuck in their ears, so how they didnt notice this much earlier is certainly a valid question to pose.   Its truly a miracle that Stephen hasnt had any developmental issues. In many cases where an object affects hearing like this, its likely that parts of the brain wouldnt develop properly. He hasnt regained the hearing in the affected hear, but he has at least lost the earaches and headaches.    

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