Billion Dollar Research Facility Set To Speed Up Rate Of New Drug Development

Whats REALLY wrong with this country? If you said there arent enough different types of pharmaceutical drugs then youre probably a Federal employee. Thats because Federal officials are worried about how slowly new drugs are being developed. To help fix this problem theyve created a new billion dollar government drug development center. This sad, sad news was reported recently by the New York Times as a number of pharmaceutical companies have cut back research simply because there arent enough new drugs to find.

While the last decade has yielded major discoveries relating to conditions such as Parkinsons disease and depression, big pharma says that it just doesnt have the money to fund the research efforts. In a similar fashion to the wall street and auto manufacturer bailouts of recent years, it seems that the government is going to step in and make sure that everyone will have enough pills to take as we move forward into another decade.

The new facility will be called the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, and even though its a billion dollar program, its certainly shadowed by the $45 billion that the drug industry spent on research in 2009. While it may not be as big of an investment, the real problem lies with the fact that new medications are not the answer. With every prescription medication comes a side effect that can only be remedied with another prescription; wash, rinse, repeat. Most illnesses have answers that can be found in nature, but those who subscribe to that belief are often ridiculed or laughed out of the conversation.

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