Beware "Fake" Farmer's Markets

We all know that farmers markets are generally the best places to buy fresh produce. Its grown locally, and its fresher than what youll typically find in a grocery store because it comes straight from the farm to you. In fact, the number of local farmers markets has grown almost 20% in the last year. Whats the down side to this? Grocery chains are beginning to take notice.


A number of grocery chain stores in the western US have began to take advantage of the increasing popularity of farmers markets. Some stores have sprouted up with the words farmers market in their name, while others have purposefully deceived consumers into buying produce under the guise of a farmers market that was actually the same from inside their store. Back in June, Seattle, WA grocery stores stacked up produce in their parking lot and had signs pointing to it that were labeled farmers market. This was a blatant lie that was eventually discovered, and the stores were forced to change their display.


Theres a very simple lesson to be learned from this, and it just goes to remind you to be careful where and from who you buy things. If you wouldnt buy fireworks out of a truck on the side of the road, you probably shouldnt be buying produce from a farmers market set up in front of a grocery store.


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