Beat Your Fall Allergies

When typically thinking of allergies one thinks of spring time when plants and vegetation seem to come back to life all around us, setting off the sneezes and coughs. Suddenly when fall arrives we all remember that it too can be a disaster for those of us who suffer from allergies. This year fall allergy season is expected to last nearly a month longer than it traditionally does due to an extended ragweed season in the north. To beat your fall allergies, you have to know where they come from. Heres some important information to help you stay ahead of them.

If your sneezing and/or stuffiness lasts more than a week, its not a cold. Colds rarely last that long, so extended periods of nasal misery like that are usually due to irritants and allergens. However, if you have a fever its more an indication of sickness rather than allergies since they are rarely if ever associated with fevers. Also, it might be gross but the color of your mucus can determine whether or not youre suffering from allergies. In that case, its usually clear. Colds or the flu generally produce yellow or green colored mucus because of infection.

Being indoors more often can also lead to increases in seasonal allergies, especially if you have pets and carpets. Carpeting is a huge source for tracked in pollen and allergens because they cling to the fibers. Your pets bring a lot of them in from being outside as well. If you suffer from these types of allergies, it would be worth the investment to upgrade to a HEPA vacuum cleaner that will depollenize carpets. Also, leaving your outerwear like shoes and coats by the door can help keep allergens from spreading throughout the rest of the home.

The best case scenario to block your allergens is to start taking meds before the season starts, preferably a week or two. This is because they block the histamine receptor sites that respond to allergens, and can better be prepared for when they show up.

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