Alternative To Dangerous BPA Chemical Is Just As, If Not More Harmful

For some time now, awareness and action have increased in response to the dangerous plastics chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA). It disrupts the endocrine system, causes hormonal changes, and has even been linked to reproductive problems. Its used in plastics, bottles, canned foods, and numerous paper products including paper money, and thermal receipt paper. With major public outcry, many products that previously contained BPA are switching away from it and starting BPA-free campaigns. While this sounds great in theory, it turns out that its replacement Bisphenol-S (BPS) may very well be as dangerous as BPA if not more so.


A recently published study featured in the Environmental Science & Technology journal has analyzed BPSs presence in the aforementioned products. As it turns out, BPS similarly affects the endocrine system and has the same potential for hormonal damage with continued exposure. This study was partially funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and analyzed 16 forms of paper products that in addition to the thermal receipt paper included magazines, newspapers, food wrappers, and even toilet paper. Each of the receipt paper samples contained the same concentration of BPS as was previously present in the form of BPA.


At its best, this situation shows that the people in charge have done little to nothing more than replace 1 form of evil with another just like it. Whats worse is that BPS can be absorbed by the skin at almost 20 times the rate of BPA. Consider that more dangerous in knowing that nearly 90% of paper money collected from over 20 countries all tested positive for BPS as well. Another study from 2005 showed that even though BPS is only slightly weaker than BPA as far as its hormonal effects, its much less biodegradable.



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