All Your Freedoms Are Belong To Us

The freedom of speech is one of the few liberties that has managed to escape the clutches of corrupt governmental officials that wish to move toward totalitarian control. Even still, finding truth among lies depends on what methods of free speech are used. Most mass media such as TV, newspapers, and magazines has been all but taken over by politicians or major corporations and been turned into propaganda hidden in plain sight. The last soap box for shouting honest opinions is the internet. If certain people get their way that soap box will be yanked out from under our feet, turned into a derby car, and raced directly into a brick wall.


Ever since the WikiLeaks controversy began, governments from all over the world have been clamoring for more regulations on the internet. The US is one of the few countries that dont censor its internet already, but representatives have been asking the United Nations to step in and begin installing global standards that would supersede regulations of any individual country. One more step towards a one world government. As it stands, the proposals authors claim that it wont be a complete takeover of the internet; however, giving all regulatory power to a separate entity to govern all internet content sounds exactly like a takeover.


Some countries are fighting the idea of this takeover, though it may not be for the right reasons. Citing political concerns rather than concern over the eradication of the freedom of speech, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US have all tendered negative opinions of the proposal. It doesnt add up that the US would fight this proposal though, as the Department of Homeland Security has been seizing websites for the past few months under the guise of copyright violations. Its really only a matter of time before every aspect of our lives are monitored and subsequently controlled by big brother.


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