ADA Confirms Fluoride Danger. Finally.

Those of us in the know have been aware for some time the dangers posed by exposure to fluoride. It has been labeled as carcinogenic, mutagenic, and has been proven to be nothing more than a poison in many cases. It can destroy the protein bonds in connective tissue cells, and lead to kidney disease. This is just a small sampling of the negative health effects that can potentially be caused by fluoride ingestion, and all the while it has still gotten mass support by official organizations such as the ADA and FDA. However, the ADA is changing their stance to a degree in a recently published study.


For years, decades even, the ADA has pushed the use of fluoride in protecting teeth from decay. In this new study they examine fluoride intake by young and developing children, up to 36 months. They show that levels of dental fluorosis among these children who use reconstituted baby formula or other drinks that have water added are much higher than those who had breast milk or cows milk.


Dental fluorosis is a condition that arises from overexposure to fluoride. It causes the enamel of the teeth to become weak, mottled, and discolored, which is exactly the opposite of what fluoride advocates say is its intended purpose. With continued exposure throughout life, skeletal fluorosis is also possible. This is precisely why China outlawed fluoride years ago, along with Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Norway.


The first few developmental years of a childs life are the most important, and exposing them to a harmful chemical that can literally rot their teeth from the inside out before they even develop should be a capital crime. We are forced to drink fluoride in our water supplies throughout life, so the question we should be asking is why they are only recommending avoiding fluoride use in infants.


Brain damage, bone cancer, kidney disease, these are all diseases that affect adults with years of exposure to fluoride in drinking water as well as toothpaste and mouth rinses. The human body cannot properly process fluoride, so it stores in the bones for the rest of natural life. The body sees fluoride as a foreign object, and it alters cells to a point where the body will eventually begin to attack itself.


An institution like the ADA finally doing the research and proving to themselves and the world that fluoride is dangerous is a major step forward, but there is much yet to be done. For more information of the health risks that fluoride poses, along with a wealth of documented studies check out our full report at the link below.


The Dangers of Fluoride: How something you do every day could kill you


Journal of the American Dental Association

J Am Dent Assoc, Vol 141, No 10, 1190-1201


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