40% Of US Prescription Drugs Made Overseas

Prescription drugs are a mixed bag at best in regard to whats safe, and whats not. Those who support big pharmaceutical companies often tout that the FDA regulates everything so strictly in order to ensure and increase the safety of every day consumers like you and I. This a classic case of good in theory, poor in execution as it sounds good to say that theres an organization like the FDA to protect our safety. However, youd be surprised by a new report that suggests exactly the opposite - unregulated ingredients and uninspected production facilities.


According to a new report by the US Government Accountability Office up to 40% of the pharmaceuticals sold in the US are actually manufactured abroad. In fact, a 2007 report listed over 1,000 facilities throughout Canada, India, and China. The real problem here is that the FDA has only listed 368 official inspections, which means that over 600 of these facilities have never been inspected at all. Its actually shocking to know that such a large percentage of drugs; both prescription and OTC are produced overseas. Example, aspirin is produced nearly exclusively in China.


We should have seen it coming, as major pharmaceutical companies have been shutting down factories in the US and moving abroad. Each year the number of people who are killed or severely hurt by prescription drugs continues to grow. Likely in part to these tainted pills. The New York Times reported back in 2009 that a majority of ingredients for important medication like those for allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, and antibiotics are almost completely procured in China or India.


Checks and balances are important, but when it comes to your health who regulates the regulators?



New York Times



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