3 Years, And A Pharmaceutical Endorsement Gig Later, Paula Deen Announces She Has Type 2 Diabetes

Paula Deen has been a famous face for years now. Starting as a restaurant owner, and moving through the ranks of paid programming to have her own shows on Food Network and multiple appearances on other celebrity talk shows, shes even the face of Smithfield meats now. Pumping out dozens of recipes that arent exactly healthy has had the southern chef in hot water before, as most doctors wouldnt recommend eating bacon cheeseburgers with donuts as buns. Recently though, shes been in the news for other reasons than ridiculous deep fried concoctions. It seems that Deen is now a paid spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company, and its not just a coincidence.


Three years ago, Paula Deen was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Could cheeseburger meatloaf and deep fried stuffing on a stick contribute to such a condition? Sure. Whats sketchy is that the drug shes being paid to endorse is a diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk. Is 3 years promoting a diet of foods that contributed to her development of the disease a little long? Most of her supporters seem to think so. Not helping her image is the fact that when questioned about her own habits on national television, she evaded the question and neglected her position as a role model of sorts.


Even most of the other celebrity chef community is remaining silent on the issue, and Deen is surprised. Most say however, that they would have jumped to support her had she not waited until she was contracted to endorse a diabetes drug. The PR agency that represents other celebrities like Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, and Bobby Flay said that none of our chefs want to go on record saying anything about her.



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