2009 H1N1 Vaccine Attributed To 700% Rise In Miscarriage, 2400% Rise In Fetal Demise

Some staggering statistical information has been presented to the CDC advisory board regarding last years H1N1 flu vaccine. Specifically involving pregnant women, it seemed that doctors recommendations had a huge impact on whether or not they were vaccinated. Pregnant women whose doctor recommended a flu shot were 3 times more likely to get one, and those who were recommended to specifically get the H1N1 vaccine were 10 times more likely to be vaccinated. Thats not the shocking part though. Compared to previous years 2007 and 2008, the rate of miscarriage among pregnant women who got a flu shot rose by 700%. The rate of fetal demise related to vaccinations rose by over 2000%. Thats not a typo, it says two THOUSAND percent.   In 2007 and 2008, the number of miscarriages that were officially attributed to vaccination was 7 per year, but the reported number in 2009 was 178. Now, the statisticians say that this number could be misleading because anywhere between 10% and 90% of cases arent reported. By using other sources of information to formulate more accurate numbers, they estimate that actual figures could be over 1500. Fifteen hundred cases of miscarriage due to vaccination. I wish I was making this up.   The worst part of all this is that the CDC seems to pulling the old ostrich trick. Sticking their head in the sand, and pretending the problem doesnt exist. Even the CDCs chair of the Vaccine Risk and Assessment Working Group has stated that "there were absolutely no H1N1 vaccine-related adverse events in pregnant women in 2009/10."   Even further, there is no real method of determining whether these shots work. There are no follow up questions with those who have gotten the vaccines. The CDC has never asked any of these pregnant women whether or not they actually got the flu after being vaccinated. They actually stopped confirming cases of H1N1 in July of 2009- before flu season even started! One must wonder if they know the risks beforehand, as they havent made any official report on stillbirths or miscarriages since 2008.   Click HERE to read the full report for yourself    

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