Florida Mother Impersonates Ostrich, Child Suffers

On Wednesday May 6, 19 year old Tamika White was arrested in Palmetto, FL and charged with felony neglect. Why would this matter to a natural health based blog, you ask? The neglect charge stems from avoiding dental care for her young child (who's age has not been released) for more than a year. The childs grandmother stated in an interview that there had been complaints of tooth pain for well over a year, and when the pleading finally did result with a visit to the dentist it was determined that the child suffered from a form of tooth decay common among infants. Tamika's Medicaid wouldn't cover the treatment recommended by this dentist, so instead of seeking a second opinion for an alternate treatment or another facility that would accept her coverage, Tamika just went with the "ostrich, head in the sand" method. She didn't even so much as seek the overdue child support from the childs father to cover treatment. Instead, she just let her baby's teeth rot out. Thankfully, by Thursday she was locked up with no bail.

This should be in the national spotlight, as it's a real example of the tragedy that can occur when oral hygiene and care are neglected. It's not the childs fault, but this mother should be made an example of. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are people out there who could care so little about their own child. This is a dark day as far as I'm concerned. I don't even want to begin to speculate what White was doing with her money that she couldn't take her child to the dentist. I blame her,unlike many who have blamed the government and health care systems, which while at fault to some extent do not overshadow the neglect of this mother. I'm sure there are dozens more cases just like this out there that are never reported.

You can read the official story here.


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