The Wonders Of Poppy Seed Oil

The nutritional properties of seeds can sometimes be under discussed. For many years, specific traditions used the seeds and roots of plants to treat and cure many different types of issues and ailments. In our current, more rapidly changing society, it’s nice to know that these seeds and plants can be obtained in an easy-to-use oil form which takes the guess work out of preparation and application. One thing that should be noted about poppy seed oil is that the ripened seeds themselves do not contain narcotic properties like that of the plant. Many get confused about this fact.

Inflammation Slayer

Poppy seed oil is great for the skin for a myriad of reasons – one of which is its high content of lineolenic acid. This can help to target and relieve many of the symptoms suffered from skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. The inflammation that is usually the biggest symptom of these kinds of skin ailments can be downright distressing. The skin starts to darken and the inflamed areas of the skin can become painful and swell to noticeable levels.

Try to treat your affected skin with a mixture of poppy seed oil and coconut oil. Using the coconut oil as a carrier, add a few drops of poppy seed oil into it and combine. Apply the mixture to your symptomatic skin twice a day.


The lineolenic acid also makes for a great moisturizer for the face. If you know anything about skincare, you know that the skin needs hydration and moisture quite a bit. No matter the skin type you have, moisturizing your skin daily, and well, is an absolute necessity. This is true even for you oily skin sufferers, as you may think that your skin requires less moisture, it doesn’t. In fact, oily skin likely needs more moisture than normal or dry skin because its over production of oil is due to its lack of necessary moisture. Go figure. Try a couple of drops of poppy seed oil as a moisturizer on a completely clean face.

Treats Dandruff

Those pesky little flakes are no match for the potency of poppy seed oil. In fact, dandruff sufferers find that the scalp issue can be so pervasive and that oils similar to poppy seed help to completely heal and restore their scalp. Poppy seed oil is no different. You can add a bit of the oil to your favorite shampoo and wash your hair as normal.

You can also use the oil, mixed with a bit of coconut or jojoba oil, as an oil specifically applied to the scalp. Part your hair in small sections and apply the oil mixture along the entirety of your scalp. After just a couple of weeks, you’ll notice the dandruff less and less until it’s completely gone.

Stimulates Hair Growth

If you are looking for a way to promote hair growth, this oil will definitely do the trick. Try massaging a few drops onto your scalp every other day and watch how your hair starts to grow in stronger and thicker than before!

Key Benefits Of Argan Oil

Found in the gorgeous lands of Morocco, argan oil has been around for eons. It just so happens that despite its availability, it has only enjoyed much deserved popularity in recent years. There are a number of reasons why argan oil is a top-tier oil that has a plethora of benefits. Derived from a tree nut, this oil has impressive amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and trocopherol. This makes it a fantastic oil for both the skin and hair. Here are specific ways in which argan oil can be very effective.

Nighttime Moisturizer

It’s very imperative for the health of your skin to ensure it is properly moisturized. While many people clean their skin properly, they sometimes skimp on the moisturizing process. Especially if they happen to have oily skin, as some are under the false idea that hydrating and moisturizing your skin causes oily skin or makes it worse. It’s actually the complete opposite. Oily skin needs moisturizing just as much if not more! Argan oil is light and absorbs quickly, which makes it a great oil to use as a moisturizer at night. It won’t rub off on your sheets or clothes and a couple of drops go a long way. It’s imperative to properly moisturize no matter the skin type you may have.


If you struggle with acne you are one of the millions of people who deal with blemishes and the scars that they so often leave behind. The good news about argan oil is that it has been shown to help mitigate the levels of sebum oil that cause oily skin, which is the breeding ground for acne in the first place. Taking just a drop of oil on your fingertips and dabbing it onto problem areas will help to reduce the inflammation when acne flares up.

Stretch Marks

The dreaded marks that are typically seen on stomachs, hips, thighs and even arms can be prevented with the addition of argan oil as a body moisturizer. A couple of drops of the oil goes a long way and the vitamin A and vitamin E help to properly improve the elasticity of the skin. It’s important to properly exfoliate the skin when trying to improve the elasticity or lighten already present stretch marks. Add a bit of brown sugar to your oil and rub it into your trouble spots.

Leave In Conditioner

The same attributes that make argan oil so impressive and worthwhile on the skin also lend themselves to being great for the hair. Some research even suggests that argan oil can promote hair growth. A few drops of argan oil massaged into the scalp and the ends of the hair helps to manage flyaways and frizz – especially if you tend to use a lot of heat on your hair. This is a great oil to keep on hand as it acts as a heat protectant while also making the hair softer and more manageable.

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Dry Face No More: Shlinda Demonstrates How To Get Your Glow On With Amazingly Beautiful!


YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger Shlinda recently began using the Amazingly Beautiful collection of face and body oil serums and let her viewers know how the experience went.

Shlinda says she gets asked a lot of questions about her skin care regimen and says that it has become even more important as she gets older. She encourages her viewers to start thinking about skin care in their late teens and twenties. Shlinda added that she loves glowing, radiant skin and feels the most beautiful when she isn’t wearing any makeup.

Shlinda then shows her viewers what she has been using on her face and body that has been the key – Amazingly Beautiful day and evening face oil serum. She says she loves the day face oil the most because it adds radiance to her skin and really absorbs into her face. “This is one hundred percent oil guys,” Shlinda says. “The ingredients for the day serum are sweet almond kernel oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, avocado fruit oil and olive fruit oil. And the evening serum consists of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lemon oil, evening primrose seed oil and apricot kernel oil. This is like heaven sent for me because I am a dry girl.”

Next, she demonstrates how she uses the oils. “Once you start using it your face soaks it up,” she says. “I didn’t realize I was depriving my face of these oils. They do have a disclaimer that in the first few days you might have a mild breakout – and I actually did. What they’re saying is that this is your face pretty much detoxifying itself. I absolutely love it.”

She continues the video by saying that she applies the night oil the same way as the day oil.  “I apply it exactly the same way but do go a little heavier at night – maybe seven to eight drops – because I really work this in at night.”

She also uses the Amazingly Beautiful body serum when she gets out of the shower. “This one is made of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lime peel oil, lemon peel oil, olive fruit oil, and avocado fruit oil,” she says. “It’s just oils. If you really want nice, supple, moisturized, glowy skin, this is it. I really like it guys. Be really smart and put oil into your skin. If you are a dry girl focus more on good oil – one-hundred percent oil. If you are person like me that loves a variety of oils that come together and make beautiful things happen you definitely want to check out this the Amazingly Beautiful collection.”

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Skin Protection: How To Shield It From Winter Elements

Creaming woman hands isolated on white backround
Creaming woman hands isolated on white backround

For those that live in areas that truly experience four seasons, they are quite versed in having to shift their skin care routine ever so slightly when the seasons start to change. This is because of how our skin can be deeply affected by the elements it is exposed to. Namely those atmospheric, which change depending on the weather. Some find that their skin is incredibly dry during the winter months. While this can be incredibly uncomfortable and further damage skin, there are ways to combat this issue.

Moisturize More

It’s incredibly vital that you moisturize your skin even more during the winter and cold months. Cold weather generally has less humidity than warm weather and so it dries out skin much faster. It also is notoriously harsh on the skin because of other drying elements like wind and wind chill. To protect your skin, it’s important to moisturize it at least twice a day. This is the case for all skin types in inclement weather. Those who suffer from oily skin should not skimp on applying the moisturizer because it’s equally as important. Just make sure to opt for a moisturizer that is oil free and made predominately for skin that produces excess oil.

Introduce The Humidifier

As stated above, when it gets really cold, especially in places where wind chill is high, humidity is generally really low in the air. This is especially true if your home or office blasts any type of central heat or makes use of space heaters to keep the rooms warm. The blasts of hot air are incredibly dry and will zap your skin of necessary moisture. Setting up a humidifier in your room will put healthy amounts of moisture in the air. This moisture will help aid the dryness of your skin. Change the water in the humidifier often and use distilled water if possible.

Skip Exfoliates And Peels

Sometimes those great masks, peels and exfoliate scrubbing skin products need to take a bit of a break during the winter months. While they are incredibly helpful in keeping faces fresh, eliminating dead skin and shrinking pores, they can be incredibly drying. If you must use these products, use them as sparingly as possible. Maybe once every other week. Also, make sure you lather the face with moisturizer once taking the mask or peel off.

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

So many people don’t even think that they’d have to incorporate sunscreen in their skin care routine during the winter months because the sun sometimes hides for weeks or months at a time. What they don’t realize is that sun rays are powerful and penetrate cloud coverage no matter what the weather looks like. A lower SPF is acceptable this time of year, but don’t eliminate it from the regimen altogether. It’s imperative for your skin health and to combat dryness.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Always drink a lot of water! It helps eliminate dry sky everywhere, on your face, lips and hands when you are well hydrated. Even if you gravitate towards coffee and tea during the winter months to keep warm, don’t forget about the good ole’ H2O.

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