What Is Croton Oil?

The earth is a magical place. When we think about the plethora of plants, seeds and natural components that it bares for free and how they have healing powers, it’s pretty remarkable that more people aren’t more holistically geared in how they live and treat illnesses. But not all plants or oils are created equal. Even some of the most popular remedies in traditional scenes have lost their appeal and luster in modern day healing. There are reasons for this.

Croton oil is an oil that used to be used for stomach issues, digestive interruptions and constipation. Due to its very acrid nature, it’s no longer used in such a matter as it would clean out a person’s intestines almost violently, leaving them grappling with diarrhea after an hour.

However, despite not being an oil that is readily suggested for what it used to be used for, it’s still used in very small doses for skin care purposes. It is the active ingredient in a phenol-based facial which is a peel that can be professionally administered. It helps to even the skin tone and eliminate the top layer of skin that is often uneven and suffering from various types of damage.

The amount of croton oil that the skin can safely handle is very specific for peeling, and then the necessary amount of healing after the facial, is required. Due to its incredibly strong and toxic compositional makeup, only a drop or two of oil should be used at a time. If you happen to have very sensitive skin, try using a tiny drop on the inside of your wrist and see if you have any sort of harsh or negative reactions to it.

Exfoliate Regularly

It is classified as an irritant of the skin, yet also an exfoliant. If you are familiar with the inner workings of skin care, then you know just how crucial it is to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. So much of the gunk that makes skin look old, weighs it down or causes imperfections, exists on the very top layer of the skin.

In order to get to the healthier, more even skin, you have to effectively buff off the dead skin cells and first layer of skin. It’s so important that you take extra precautions when dealing with an oil as potent and toxic as this one. This is not an oil you want to use too much of because it could end very badly.

The outer most layer of the skin is called epidermis. This is specifically what this oil targets when it is used sparingly in skin-care regimens. After the skin takes its time to heal after the initial exposure, it heals stronger with elastin fibers and renewed collagen at the forefront of the skin. This helps to eliminate the signs of aging as well as any scarring you may be suffering from.

Chemical peels are very serious so make sure you do the proper research if you consider doing a deeply invasive one with croton oil because your skin will need to heal immediately after. But once it does, the results are truly amazing.

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A Superfood Natural Oil: Amaranth

Amaranth is a grain that is considered a superfood because of all the benefits it can provide in its many forms. The amount of proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals within it are comparable to some of the most imperative foods you can digest. Because of its integral makeup, it can be used in a myriad of different ways. One of the most impressive things about this oil, and others we’ve discussed here, is their ability to function in many different ways. Because of their compositional makeup, they work in a plethora of instances.

Varicose Veins

If you are one of the people that suffer from varicose veins, you’ll be happy to hear that this oil gives you a bit of release from those pesky, unsightly veins that stick out. There is a powerful entity called rutin that helps to eliminate the appearance of varicose veins by helping to strengthen the capillary walls. When a capillary wall is weak or fails to function properly, this can cause the unsightly appearance of varicose veins. The high amount of vitamin C within the oil also helps to produce collagen which strengthens the walls of your blood vessels.

Improves Hair

The way that your hair looks and feels is very important from both a vanity and health standpoint. There is a rare amino acid that is referred to as lysine which isn’t naturally produced by the body. This amino acid does wonders for the body and its calcium uptake, which directly affects your hair. If you are struggling with baldness, dandruff, dryness or any other issue with your hair or scalp, incorporating this oil into your hair care regimen will help to relieve those issues. Just add a couple of drops of the amaranth oil into your shampoo and watch your hair transform after consistent use.

Digestive Health

Due to the high fiber content of amaranth oil, it is known to help a number of gastrointestinal issues that you may be experiencing. If you find your body has a hard time moving food consistently, there may be a problem. The presence of some amaranth oil may be just what you need to help. Another great aspect of this oil is that although amaranth is considered a grain, it is gluten free. If you have celiac disease or IBS, it won’t negatively impact your system.

Weight Loss

It can be downright impossible to shed the type of weight you’d like to. But the protein that is present within this oil will give you the type of assist that really makes the difference. Amaranth is known to suppress the appetite, which will help you to stay on track and reach your goals. The amount of fiber within amaranth will help you feel full and satisfied. You will be less likely to want to snack or eat more than necessary when you are ingesting this oil. Always remember to purchase the food-grade option!

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Quinoa: This Hip Health Food Is Better In Oil Form

If you are even vaguely familiar with the nutritional and health food world, you know that the grain quinoa has been touted as the next big super food. People sing its praises as one of the only grains that has a high amount of protein and a lower glycemic index, which makes it much healthier then rice or potatoes, but with a texture that is almost similar. What’s interesting about this new food craze is that its oil form is just as beneficial and advantageous. Here’s exactly how.

Controls Diabetes

As one of the fastest growing health issues in our society, diabetes is said to affect one in 10 people in America. While some don’t mind the flavor of quinoa, and even have creative ways to doctor it up to make it taste good, some just can’t seem to get used to the unique taste. For those people who want the benefits of the food without the taste, try cooking with the oil. The nutrients within quinoa are effective at helping maintain a healthy blood sugar level. The fibrous nature contains magnesium which increases the production of insulin.

Acne Fighter

One of the worst things to deal with is chronic, consistent acne. Not only can it make you feel utterly self conscious, but it can also leave scars that last long after you’ve successfully eliminated the blemishes. Quinoa oil can help to mitigate both issues. Quinoa helps to naturally eradicate the presence of sebum, which is the oil that promotes the process of acne. Those who suffer from oily skin are more prone to acne, and as such, may want to steer clear of oils for their face altogether. They shouldn’t. Quinoa oil is the perfect oil to use if you are trying to control breakouts and even skin tone.


Along with the scars that you may experience, age spots and discoloration may be another struggle that you constantly deal with. Having an uneven skin tone can be perplexing and downright distracting if it gets obvious enough. The presence of quinoa oil helps to produce melanin which will help to bring your skin to a more uniformed, similar tone. Try adding a couple of drops of the oil into your favorite facial cleanser. Use consistently for about three or four weeks and you’ll start to notice a real difference.

Assists Digestion

Whether you’re backed up, have gas or heartburn, it can be hard to go about your day in a proper way when you’re having digestive issues. Incorporating quinoa oil into your cooking will help to naturally regulate your digestive system. No need for those chalky tablets that taste awful. By incorporating healthy oils into your diet, you’re doing your tummy a favor. Your digestive system will naturally correct itself as the digestive enzymes are activated by the presence of the quinoa oil. You can use it in the same ways you do coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil.

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What Is Kenaf Oil?

Typically, in the essential oil world, you’ll hear of specific oils with a type of unmatched ubiquitous. So much so that you may even find yourself familiar with them and what they are used for before you even attempt to try them out yourself. Then there are the lesser known oils that you may have only heard referenced once or twice. A tier below that are the oils that you don’t even know exist. That is definitely where kenaf oil resides. Most people haven’t the faintest clue what kenaf oil is or what it does.

Skin Benefits

Derived from a plant with the same name, kenaf oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant that have been found to be beneficial for many things from skin issues to preventing specific types of cancer. Due to the high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids, it’s incredibly good for the skin because of its natural amounts of linoleic acids as well as much needed antioxidants. The skin can be incredibly sensitive to bacteria and the free radicals that exist in our everyday environment. If you’re regularly thinking about how to protect your skin from all the harmful entities that contribute to signs of aging or sun damage, try adding this oil into your skin-care regimen. It will likely provide you with some needed moisture and the omega-6 fatty acids that your skin so desperately craves.

Heart Benefits

Kenaf oil is also known for being great for the heart. While there are several types of fats that are bad for your ticker, there are others that are actually necessary for its health and sustained progression. Much like olive oil, kenaf oil can be consumed and provides amazing benefits to the heart. This type of fat is known to increase the good cholesterol and decrease the cholesterol that’s bad. Cholesterol that coats the arteries is not what we’re looking for here. This oil does the exact opposite and strengthens the heart. You can use this oil to make salad dressings or in similar recipes in which you would use an olive or a coconut oil. It has a bit of a different undercurrent of taste that may take some getting used to. Start with a little bit of the oil at a time to get your taste buds used to it.

A recent study was conducted on the effect of kenaf seed extract on certain cancerous cells such as colon, cervical and breast. It was found that the cells were diminished and some of the cancer was mitigated by the presence of the oil. Obviously much more research needs to be done but this finding is definitely interesting and encouraging as it speaks to the impressive abilities of this oil that have yet to be completely tapped into and fully discovered. The study concluded that kenaf oil could potentially be a source of natural anti-cancer agents. The fact that something that comes from the earth is so powerful and has been proven to have these components is not only tremendous but speaks to the potential power of what comes from our soil.

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The Impressive Health Benefits Of Sacha Inchi Oil

Indigenous to the country of Peru, the oil is derived from the Inca peanut. It is considered a recent discovery in the health and holistic community in America but has roots and history of being used in similar ways in the Amazon rainforest for over 3,000 years. Due to all of the components within the nut, it can be used effectively in many different ways. Here are some areas in which sacha inchi oil can be beneficial to your health.

Anti-Stress And Relaxation

If you are anything like a good portion of the world, you’re typically overstressed and overworked. If it isn’t work that consumes your thoughts and energy, it’s your family, responsibilities or even preferred lifestyle. All of these things can lead to you building up unnecessary stress in your body and mind. When stress isn’t adequately dealt with, it can cause illness and trigger mental health issues. Due to the natural occurrence of tryptophan that is present in sacha oil, it helps to promote serotonin, which is a feel-good hormone that helps to mitigate the presence of stress. It has been known to cause mood shifts in the positive direction after use.

Weight Loss

Another great benefit of the tryptophan that is present within sacha inchi is its ability to help control the inclination to overeat. So if you have picked up a few unwanted pounds or you are looking to get into tip-top shape, weight loss is likely on your list of things to do. This oil can help in that regard. If you suffer from cravings or not feeling full, try inhaling the scent of this oil right before and after a meal. You’ll notice a difference in what you eat and how that affects the scale.

Joint Health

Due to the anti-inflammatory aspects of sacha inchi oil, it is known to be a helpful aid to those who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism. If you or someone you know struggles with pain and tightness in your joints, you want to start treating your pain with this oil every night. A couple of drops added to some coconut or jojoba oil make a great oil salve that will positively treat the discomfort in your joints that you deal with on a consistent basis.

Hair And Skin Health

An oil that can be used in numerous ways is to be treasured. Instead of hoarding and collecting unnecessary products, which likely also have harmful ingredients within them, purchasing a few key oils will have your hair and skin looking divine. Thankfully, sacha inchi oil is one of them. Due to the level of omega-3 fatty acids within the oil, it helps to lock in needed hydration of both the skin and hair as well as to repair any damage that it may unduly suffer. It’s also known to be a great way to help protect both from sun damage in those blazing summer months. Keep some of this multipurpose oil on hand for these beauty needs.

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Enjoy Improved Hair And Skin With Ben Oil

Your skin and hair need specific ingredients and components to help remain healthy, clear and manageable. Ben oil helps to do this in a myriad of ways. While you may be unfamiliar with the term ben oil, it’s also referred to in some circles as moringa oleifera, or moringa oil. Due to the nutrient-rich properties of this oil, it’s incredibly beneficial for both your hair and skin regardless of propensity or genealogical makeup. Here are some key ways in which ben oil can be worthwhile in your beauty care regimen.

Gives You A Glow

One of the aspects of skin care that can sometimes feel unobtainable is the ability to really harness a natural glow – that phase of illumination that isn’t greasy or oily but naturally light and effervescent. Ben oil helps to naturally deal with and correct skin fatigue. This is what causes the skin to look drab and worn out. You usually notice this when you aren’t properly hydrated or haven’t been getting a good amount of sleep.

Helps Acne

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer incessantly with acne, you aren’t alone. It is one of the most prevalent skin issues in our modern world. While there are many different causes of acne, ben oil helps to mitigate a couple of them. Namely bacteria, as it helps to remove the pesky dirt and grime that often contributes to spots and blemishes. It is also known to help eliminate black heads and impurities of the skin naturally. Add a bit of ben oil to your skin care regimen and watch how your skin clears up after consistent use.


Your hair can easily turn brittle and unmanageable if you don’t make sure it’s properly hydrated. If you suffer from the exact opposite of dry hair, where it happens to get greasy and limp, don’t worry, this oil is still a great option for you. Due to its light-weight texture, this oil helps to moisturize your hair and skin. No need to suffer through a flaky, itchy and dry scalp that causes dandruff. Those pesky white flakes that can make you feel especially self conscious and irritated will be gone before you know it when you use ben oil. Try adding some to your regular shampoo or oiling your scalp when your hair is dry.

Heals Wounds

Due to the intrinsic anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities of ben oil, you can easily clean a cut, scrape or scratch with just a dab of the oil. It helps the wound to heal much faster than it would ordinarily while also preventing infections or further issues.

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The Special Abilities Of Tigernut Oil

The amount of nutrients and positive components that are present in the impressively potent oils that we have been learning about is very vital. The reason why there are so many oils that can be used in a myriad of ways is because of where they come from and their natural chemical makeup.

There is truly no reason for harmful products and toxic ingredients to be used in your dishes, skin care, hair care or your treatment practices. This is what makes this natural and organic way of living so fruitful and necessary. The exploration of an oil called tigernut will further explain how some oils you have never heard of can be some of the most effective.

Good Cholesterol

One of the first things that we should know about tigernut oil is that it effectively reduces the bad levels of cholesterol and increases the good levels of cholesterol. The differences between LDL and HDL can sometimes be lost on many people who aren’t well versed in the two different types of cholesterol. The LDL is what tends to creep up in our bodies when we aren’t eating right or have unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and stressing. This is the unhealthy or bad cholesterol we want to decrease. The other cholesterol is HDL and this is the kind that we want to increase. When we eat healthy fats and get enough exercise, this type of cholesterol flourishes.

Digestive Issues

If you happen to deal with specific digestive issues, tigernut oil can be potentially helpful for you. Whether you eat a bit too much of the wrong thing or have unhealthy eating habits that lead to digestive issues, tigernut oil can help to resolve the cramping, discomfort, gas and unease your tummy may often suffer from. Try using a couple of drops on your lower tummy and rubbing it into your skin. This allows the oil to penetrate directly around the intestines and where the relief is required without having to be fully digested – depending on what you are treating. Sometimes external application is preferred to internal, though tigernut oil is safe and food grade.

Troubled Skin

A great external option for this oil is the skin. It has a very high amount of vitamin E and can be used to help combat signs of aging. The cell membrane that is often affected by free radicals and environmental outliers is no match for tigernut oil! So many are on what seems like a constant quest to figure out just how to keep the skin looking youthful and supple. There are so many different types of natural oils that come from seeds or fruits or herbs that can do just that without all those harmful ingredients found in certain over-the-counter products. Try adding a couple of drops of tigernut oil to your cleanser or your toner and enjoy the fading of lines, wrinkles and age spots on the troubled parts of your skin.

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Sapote Oil: A Hair And Skin Must Have

When it comes to fruit oils, they run the gamut as many fruits and their seeds have been successfully used as oils. Sapote is no different. This oil is derived via a natural process in parts of Mexico and Central America. Due to the high levels of vitamin A and C, as well as the calcium, proteins and other beneficial components, this oil is one of the best kept hair and skin secrets. Here’s exactly how this oil can be used effectively on both the skin and hair to maximum benefit.


Certain types of hair can be more difficult to detangle and manage than others. When this is the case, it’s imperative to find a product or oil that has properties which will increase the successful management of the hair. Sapote oil is a natural hair softener and can help in the detangling process. It is a direct antidote for the ways in which the hair can link up and get easily tangled.

Hair Loss

One of the biggest hair concerns that one may experience in their lives is that of balding. To lose your hair prematurely, or at all, is something that is often very difficult to deal with for some. Thankfully, this oil can provide the cure to that very real and debilitating fear. This oil can be used as a hot oil scalp treatment which will then penetrate the scalp and hair follicles, making them stronger and stimulate the overall growth of the hair. This means that not only does it help to prevent your current hair from falling out but it also fortifies future strands to grow stronger and better.

Calms Dry Skin

Because this oil is so great at penetrating the skin and is quickly absorbed, it’s the perfect oil to use to moisturize your skin. It can be used on the entire body. It is not an oil that leaves residue or makes skin appear unnecessarily oily. One of the reasons people like to use this oil is because it doesn’t leave that slick sheen on the face that can look very strange.

Keeps Skin Healthy

Not only is this a great oil to have on hand for the daily moisturizing needs you may have, it’s also great for improving the skin. Due to all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are within, sapote oil it will leave your skin looking younger, more supple and smooth. If you are interested in a moisturizer that will have your face looking youthful and glowing, this is an oil that you should definitely try out.

What’s better than an oil that serves multiple purposes? That is definitely this oil. So if you are in need of something that will greatly improve your hair and face, look no further as sapote oil should be your next oil purchase.

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Benefits Of Lallemantia Oil

An oil that is unfamiliar to many people, lallemantia oil, comes from a flowering plant that often appears purple. The seed itself that yields the oil contains a high amount of linolenic acid, up to 68%, which makes it a rich source of the element and makes the oil highly valuable. The lallemantia plant has traditionally been found in specific parts of Europe, such as Greece. Its linolenic acid allows it to be worthwhile and beneficial in a myriad of ways.

Since this oil is typically food grade it can be used both internally and externally. This is one of the greatest benefits of some oils in that they can be used for more than one specific ailment. Linolenic acid helps to repair and build cell membranes. This is great if you are looking for a way to combat the free radicals that may be causing you to prematurely age.  Are you suffering from lines, wrinkles or sagging skin? Try a bit of lallemantia oil on the problem areas and watch as your skin transforms after consistent use.

Autoimmune diseases are known to sometimes improve when linolenic acid is ingested. Those who have lupus or thyroid issues have been known to see their symptoms diminish and improve when a healthy amount of linolenic acid is consumed. The same can be said when the oil is applied topically to the joints and problem areas of those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Or even those who suffer from asthma, which is considered an auto immune condition. Rubbing a bit of this oil on the chest or adding it to a diffuser may help to alleviate some of the tough symptoms.

Those who deal with digestive problems, such as irritable bowl syndrome, are said to have a low amount of omega-3s in their bodies. Naturally, incorporating more of these into your diet can help to alleviate the problem. Crohn’s disease is also another ailment that negatively affects the stomach and the digestive system, which can be helped by the presence of lallemantia oil. Considering the type of anti-inflammatory properties the oil has, the correlation is obvious and goes hand in hand.

The presence of linolenic acid has been found to be helpful in preventing a plethora of cardiovascular disorders. When keeping up a certain standard of health, including ensuring that the risk of heart attacks and strokes is diminished as much as possible, the presence of this oil is helpful. Many studies have shown that a diet rich in linolenic acid helps to mitigate the likelihood of a massive heart attack. The acid within the oil helps to balance out the bad and good cholesterol levels. Unhealthy cholesterol levels rise when stress and unhealthy food are prominent. The healthy cholesterol is helped when we ingest healthy fats and the proper nutrients. It is also said to help in cases of hypertension.

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Benefits Of Roman Chamomile Oil

While many people are familiar with the essential oil chamomile, they may not be aware that there are actually two different variations of the oil: German and Roman. While they share common properties, they are not identical in nature. Historically, the Roman soldiers would rely on their type of chamomile to give them clarity and courage before they went off to battle. It was also an herb that was closely linked to the sun and moon. Here are some of the most popular uses associated with Roman chamomile.


It is known as an oil that can be used to help soothe any anxiety or nervous system issues that you may have. If you are highly stressed and find it difficult to calm down or relax, this type of oil would be perfect for you to keep on hand. You can rub a couple of drops of the oil into your palms and inhale the fragrance as you sit quietly. A couple of deep inhales should do the trick. You’ll quickly start feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Muscle Soreness

One of the worst feelings can be the soreness after a really intense workout. Some enjoy it as a reminder of how hard they exercised, but for others, it can be very distracting, off-putting and even shift the way you carry out your day. The discomfort that can accompany extreme soreness can be a real nuisance. Roman chamomile oil can be used to rub into the spots of soreness and provide relief. Mix a few oils into a carrier oil like jojoba and tackle your sore spots.


Many headaches are because of tension and stress, along with possible dehydration. Rubbing a bit of the Roman chamomile oil into your temples or wherever the pain is localized will provide you some relief from a throbbing headache. You can also burn the oil in an oil lamp or a diffuser and let it fill the room. Simply smelling the scent will oftentimes provide you with the relief you need and your headache will begin to subside.


If you have trouble sleeping, it likely affects you in numerous ways that you may not even be fully aware of. The body needs sleep in order to function at the level it should. Rest is restorative and necessary to the way that we conduct ourselves. Sleep improves mood, concentration and overall happiness. Try diffusing a little Roman chamomile oil in your room at night to help lull you to sleep. You can even dab it on your wrists and take a few deep exhales to calm your mind and induce sleep.

Skin Issues

Roman chamomile oil can actually help a myriad of skin issues. If you happen to get a sunburn from too many hours out in the sun, or your baby is suffering from diaper rash, a little of this oil can be just what the skin needs. The powerful properties of chamomile are incredibly soothing and beneficial to the skin both when it’s in a compromised state, and when it is relatively healthy.

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How Agarwood Oil Is Effective

agarwoodCertain essential oils have prominent benefits that aren’t widely known. There is a preponderance of oils that could potentially help with a myriad of issues – except you may not be privy to their existence. This is likely the case with a rare oil called agarwood oil which is derived from a tree of the same name. The tree is usually found in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The tree produces a deep colored resin, which is the part that is then transformed into oil. Due to its potency and effectiveness, the oil is generally a bit pricey. But that’s because it works. Here’s how.

Mental Clarity

It can be increasingly difficult to focus throughout your day, especially if you are very busy. Sometimes the mind gets bogged down with certain thoughts and stressors which make it hard to perform at a necessary level. This oil can provide you with a level of calm and mental acuity that you may be lacking. It helps to naturally strengthen the power of thoughts. Inhaling the fragrant oil is said to help eliminate negativity and promote feelings of calm. Add a few drops of this oil to your diffuser or soak it in a cotton ball.

Digestive Aid

Having tummy troubles is often not only uncomfortable but hard to manage. Whether your stomach is especially sensitive to certain foods or you have slow digestion, it’s important to have a method that works, and works quickly when your stomach starts to act up. With its natural carminative properties, this oil has the ability to help dissipate gas buildup and even prevents it from occurring in the first place. Just massage your tummy with a couple of drops of the agarwood oil, with coconut or avocado oil, for relief that starts almost immediately.

Great For Skin

There is always a need for natural oils and products that positively impact the skin. This is definitely one of them as it is incredibly nourishing to the skin and can potentially help aid a myriad of skin conditions. It does this by effectively targeting and replenishing damaged skin cells. Typically a number of skin problems come with the presence of free radicals that are sometimes hard to eliminate just from washing alone. A couple of drops of the oil into your normal cleanser will help improve the quality and tone of your skin.

Pain Relief

Those who deal with pain conditions, such as arthritis, may find that this oil is very helpful in the management of that pain. The oil naturally has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties that help to alleviate the pain that comes along with specific conditions. It does this because of the analgesic properties that work directly with the muscles and joints. Massaging your problem spots with this oil is helpful as the oil seeps into the skin and gets into the areas that cause the most pain and discomfort to begin with. Always dilute the agarwood oil with an oil like jojoba or sweet apricot oil.

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Grapefruit Oil And How It Helps

grapefruit oilOne of the most pleasant smelling essential oils, grapefruit oil can be used for so many things other than freshening up a room. While the benefits the fruit has for those who are trying to lose weight have been well documented, the highly concentrated oil is making a specific resurgence in healthy circles because of its multi-faceted uses and its effectiveness.

The essential oil is extracted from the citrus paradisi grapefruit plant. Known predominately for its ability to help lessen inflammation, stop sugar cravings, stop weight gain and curb hangover symptoms, it has specific anti stress, anti-inflammatory, and anticarinogenic properties that have helped change many lives.

Beneficial Compounds

Grapefruit oil actually comes from the peel of the fruit, rather than the nectar itself. This is because the rind holds a whole host of beneficial compounds that the body can benefit from. The taste of the oil is almost identical to that of the fruit with just a hint of bitterness. The oil has been regarded as positively affecting a whole host of aspects of health. It has cleansing abilities in the body, can stimulate the immune system, helps to eliminate and lessen disease causing inflammation, is a natural remedy for arthritis, and positively impacts respiratory and throat issues. Also, the oil can positively benefit the skin if added to your skincare regimen.

Because of its anti-fungal abilities, grapefruit oil is effectively able to diminish the amount of bacteria and yeast that is found in the gut that can cause weight gain, food cravings and certain illnesses. Research claims that the components within grapefruit oil eliminates candida, which can also directly affect things like urinary tract infections and yeast infections. There’s no need to pollute your system with antibacterial drugs when there is a natural answer that targets the problem as effectively.

Circulation Booster

Grapefruit oil is also a great way to boost circulation. If you have specific parts of your body that suffer from bloating, inflammation and pain, try grapefruit oil and see if you don’t see an immediate improvement. It helps by directly increasing blood flow to the problem area. The oil will then dilate blood vessels which makes it easier for blood to get to every area of the body. It will also help to relieve the pain that is caused by bloating, headaches, cramps and fatigue. It’s also a great staple to keep in your cabinet for those tough muscles that give you the blues.

Lastly, grapefruit oil is one of the best essential oils that you can use on your face. It helps to actively fight bacteria that can cause and make acne hard to manage. If you have overly oily or greasy skin, you are naturally more susceptible to breakouts and blemishes. The naturally acidic attributes of the grapefruit oil can actually diminish the oil in the skin and lessen the chance of breakouts. The oil also protects the skin from UV light damage and the free radicals that can negatively affect skin after a certain amount of exposure. The oil also has the ability to heal cuts and wounds with its antibacterial components. Use this oil as a salve for minor nicks and cuts.

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Where To Use Cumin Oil

cumin oilBlack cumin seeds have been highly regarded for their powerful healing agents for centuries. They have been used in Chinese, Greek and Egyptian medicine for eons. The seeds have since been derived into easily used oil and sometimes the oil is referred to by another name: black seed oil. This seed has a pretty impressive resume. Some studies even claim that it can help fight off cancerous cells. When it works within the internal system it aids in the production of immune cells, natural interferon and bone marrow.

Something so mighty is bound to have positive effects in other areas as well. Due to its natural antimicrobial properties, it helps fight many different strains of bacteria that are starting to become difficult to treat. Melanin, the property that is responsible for giving the eyes and skin color, is produced in the retina and epidermis. Cumin oil is known to help promote and elongate that much needed process. This is essential for those who suffer from hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

Skin Remedy

Some people call them age spots, but any type of darkening on specific places of the face, are really toxins that accumulate. They can sometimes lead to premature aging and additional skin trouble. Cumin oil is great remedy for this issue. Rubbing a couple of drops on problem areas will have them lightening in no time. Cumin oil has also been known to have positive effects on specific skin conditions such as eczema. There is a compound in the seed called Nigella sativa, which when tested on those who suffer from eczema, reversed or diminished their symptoms and outbreaks considerably. No need to search for over-the-counter creams that don’t even work.

Hair care is also an arena that cumin oil thrives in. It can restore hair loss, which affects so many individuals and its outcome can be downright devastating and embarrassing. The powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties naturally strengthen and fortify hair follicles. This allows hair to grow back strong and faster than it would without a similar aid. If you are fretting over balding spots, don’t panic! You need to get some cumin oil in your possession. You can put a bit in your shampoo, or apply it directly to the problem areas, to start seeing results quickly.

Many people are on a constant quest to lose weight, and according to the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders, cumin oil may be a good tool on that journey. Due to the anti-inflammatory agents within the compound, it promotes the suppression of certain weight-gaining triggers. Things like appetite, glucose absorption in the intestine and liver gluconeogenesis. It’s also known to regulate cholesterol and help the maintenance of a healthy amount of triglycerides. There is food grade cumin oil that can be used for purposes of ingesting orally. This is something you should consider if your weight has always been a point of concern. Stabilize your blood glucose levels and improve your skin and hair with cumin oil.

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4 Uses For Orange Peel Oil

orange peel oil usesMany folks are privy to the advantages of ascorbic acid – or vitamin C – when fighting colds, flues or viruses. We know that it bolsters our internal system and wards of dangerous germs. However vitamin C, and namely orange peel oil, has numerous uses, positive effects and is incredibly useful to the skin. This makes orange peel oil extremely well-regarded within the natural and holistic community.

Listed below are the top 4 uses for orange peel oil. Try each of these in your self-care routine, and you’ll really be able to tell the difference. It will leave you feeling delighted, refreshed and reinvigorated. This lesser known oil is a real hit once you give it a chance.

Eliminate Under Eye Darkness

Not getting enough sleep is awful for most of us. We’ve all consulted the mirror one time or another  in shock at what a real lack of sleep can do to our eyes. If we don’t get adequate rest, it shows on our face. The signs of lack of sleep can appear in many different ways. One of the most common is in the form of dark circles beneath the eyes.

Orange peel oil can be a nice remedy for this widespread issue. It is known to renew skin elasticity, promote skin cell growth and eliminate dead skin. It’s also known to brighten and widen the appearance of eyes.

Anti-Age Serum

Because the oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it’s good for skin that’s vulnerable to harsh elements and unsavory conditions. This can take form in scarring or premature aging. The healing properties of the oil can make lines, redness and puffiness fade almost before your very eyes. The oil works well to reduce the likelihood of scarring and pigmentation issues.

Orange peel oil is also known to be a real beast with blackheads. This oil is pretty effective on the skin. It promotes inherent blood flow, which is necessary for the anti-aging process. Many over-the-counter products are full of harmful and harsh chemicals, orange peel oil is 100% natural.

Extinguish Dry Lips

Once the weather changes, most of us begin to struggle with dry and cracking lips. This can be irritating and unsightly. Orange peel oil has moisturizing properties that may facilitate the correction of this common irritation. Using the oil directly on the lips, without some type of bonding agent, is generally ill advised. Instead, attempting to combine several drops of the oil with mango butter will make a great lip balm. Not only will it help to restore and heal the damage of your lips, it will also smell heavenly!

One of the best things about orange peel oil is that it’s so versatile. It can be used for and incorporated into many different things. Adding it into ingredients like sugar, honey or oatmeal will yield a great face mask that will soften and nourish skin. A couple of drops of the oil with these different natural elements will turn your skin supple and youthful. Orange peel oil can also be used to create a natural brightening toner. Just put a few drops in some witch hazel. This type of toner is recommended for those who have oily or acne prone skin. For skin that is naturally predisposed to issues, whether it be dryness or lines, orange peel oil is a great oil to have in your arsenal.

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Lemon Peel Oil As A Face Wash

lemon peel oil face washThe cleanliness of the face is of the utmost importance. Many skin issues start and end with how clean the skin is. The problem with obtaining squeaky clean skin is that many over-the-counter products promise amazing results and glowing, clear skin, but their ingredients leave much to be desired. We want you to feel good about what you put on your skin. If you are using a cleanser or face wash that you purchased at the drugstore, or even the department store, there is a high likelihood that it’s filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients. These additives can be harmful to your skin, as well as your overall health. One of the things that’s so fantastic about lemon peel oil as a face wash is that it’s completely natural.

Lemon peel oil is known to have properties that help skin that is acne prone. There is nothing worse than craving clear skin so badly, but waking up morning after morning with a brand new zit, or clusters of zits, on the face. Many people also don’t know that acne is not something that is suffered from exclusively by teens. Many adults continue to deal with the issue well into their 30s and 40s. Lemon peel oil is so effective because the acid in the rind helps eliminate oils that tend to cause acne flare-ups. One of the worst things about suffering from acne on a continual basis is the marks and scars the acne leaves behind even well after healing. Lemon peel oil also targets that directly as it’s a natural lightener, which helps to even out the tone and hue of the skin. Dark spots are no match for lemon peel oil as a face wash.

Another great thing about lemon peel oil is that it’s light and can penetrate the skin to remove the dirt, oil and makeup that can sometimes cause blemishes and other issues. It’s also known to dissolve and eliminate dead skin cells that can sometimes inadvertently linger on skin. The acidity in the oil helps promote blood flow and new skin cell growth as well. This is one of the reasons that it’s so effective in the evening out of skin tones. Due to the oil’s bactericide, astringent and antiseptic properties, it is perfect to use on the skin. Some are hesitant to put any type of oil anywhere near their face – especially those who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. They’re under the impression it will only make their condition worse. This is simply not the case. Lemon peel oil will actively reverse those issues.

Cleaning with oil is not a new concept. Many oils have the necessary elements to act as great cleaners. Lemon peel oil has the capacity to clean and nourish the skin all at the same time. Many over-the-counter products have this oil in its ingredients but there are other ingredients that are likely potentially unhealthy and even harmful. Use lemon peel oil as a face wash today and watch your skin start to transform with consistent use.

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