Green Healing: The Amazing Health Benefits Of Being In Nature


Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature

Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature by FactDr

The Magic Of Sage Oil

Interestingly enough, sage is said to be the plant that has been used the longest historically in both medical and culinary practices. This is really cool when you think of all the herbs and oils that have been used for eons as a way to flavor food and heal ailments. There are so many things that we can easily and quickly remedy from items that come directly from the earth. More and more people are trying to live holistic and organic lifestyles so these types of informative posts provide you with necessary and factual information about these wonderful natural products.

Sage essential oil is distilled from sage leaves. There are many practices that include sage as a spiritually healing and cleansing plant. The herb’s name comes from the Latin word “salvere” and it is known for its ability to therapeutically improve the lives and moods of those who use it regularly. Historically the Greeks and Romans thought sage to be one of the preeminent herbs and even considered it sacred. In ancient times it was considered a great aid for both the mind and the body. Sage plants were often given to neighbors or gatherers to offer them good luck and safety. There are many different types of benefits that are attributed to this plant, especially in oil form.

Luckily sage oil is incredibly good to implement into beauty care regimens. We’re always trying to find a way to make our hair and skin look and feel amazing. Sage oil can be a huge part in that quest. It’s a great hair conditioner and has been known to help eliminate dandruff and help clarify oily, stringy hair. There’s nothing worse than those annoying little white flakes that can gather around on your scalp and fall in unsightly clusters on your clothes. A bit of sage oil mixed in with your regular shampoo will definitely do the trick. It can also leave your hair naturally shiny and bouncy by stripping it of excess oils.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer for your skin that isn’t too oily but will zap dry skin in its tracks, this is likely a good oil to keep on hand. It’s often found in anti mark and anti spot creams because all of its positive attributes that make it great for spots or marks that you may suffer from on various parts of your face. If you have a problem with dry skin it is absolutely essential that you properly moisturize for a number of reasons. One of which is that dry skin is more susceptible to developing lines and wrinkles. Skin that is properly moisturized – especially with oils full of skin-filling and tightening properties – are the best.

Sage oil is also wonderful to help fight fatigue and depression. For those who find that they can sometimes get a little overwhelmed and need a boost every once and awhile, putting a bit of sage oil in a oil lamp or a diffuser is a great idea. This can instantly put you in a better head space.

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Olive Fruit Oil Properties And Types

olive-fruit-oilOf all botanical oils, olive oil is the most ubiquitous in the diet and health literature. Its medicinal uses began with Hippocrates, who used olive oil for skin conditions and as a base for ointments of all kinds. The olive tree holds a deeply revered place in history.

In Greek mythology, Zeus promised Attica to the god or goddess who brought the Greek people the more useful invention. Poseidon’s gift, alternately described as the horse or salt water, was rejected in favor of Athena’s gift of the olive tree. The city was renamed Athens and the olive tree assumed a place of prominence in the city’s food, medicine and material production. The award for winning the early Olympic competitions, which were held in Athens, was not a medal, but an olive branch twisted into a crown.

The olive tree and the oil of olives are mentioned throughout the Bible. In the story of Noah and the great flood, the dove returns to the Ark carrying an olive branch, and the oils used to anoint and heal individuals throughout the Bible are made from olives. It was Franciscan missionaries who brought the olive tree to California. The hearty olive groves survived where the Mission San Fernando fell to ruins. They remain largely in Northern California where the cost of land is lower and they are not run out by the more profitable grape crops or housing.

Types Of Olives

The olive, like the peach and almond, is a drupe – a fruit surrounding wrapped in a skin and containing a hard seed.

The popularity of the olive, whose botanical name is Olea Europa, has inspired hundreds of varietals. Various types are cross bred to accommodate growing season and climate as they are for most fruit, but olives inspire refinement as a delicacy, much as grapes are cultivated for wine varieties. Plants are selected by the polyphenol and aromatic compound content. These traits, along with the degree of maturity at which the olives are picked, are the main determinants of the oil’s flavor, stability and yield.

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Lemon Peel Oil As A Face Wash

lemon peel oil face washThe cleanliness of the face is of the utmost importance. Many skin issues start and end with how clean the skin is. The problem with obtaining squeaky clean skin is that many over-the-counter products promise amazing results and glowing, clear skin, but their ingredients leave much to be desired. We want you to feel good about what you put on your skin. If you are using a cleanser or face wash that you purchased at the drugstore, or even the department store, there is a high likelihood that it’s filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients. These additives can be harmful to your skin, as well as your overall health. One of the things that’s so fantastic about lemon peel oil as a face wash is that it’s completely natural.

Lemon peel oil is known to have properties that help skin that is acne prone. There is nothing worse than craving clear skin so badly, but waking up morning after morning with a brand new zit, or clusters of zits, on the face. Many people also don’t know that acne is not something that is suffered from exclusively by teens. Many adults continue to deal with the issue well into their 30s and 40s. Lemon peel oil is so effective because the acid in the rind helps eliminate oils that tend to cause acne flare-ups. One of the worst things about suffering from acne on a continual basis is the marks and scars the acne leaves behind even well after healing. Lemon peel oil also targets that directly as it’s a natural lightener, which helps to even out the tone and hue of the skin. Dark spots are no match for lemon peel oil as a face wash.

Another great thing about lemon peel oil is that it’s light and can penetrate the skin to remove the dirt, oil and makeup that can sometimes cause blemishes and other issues. It’s also known to dissolve and eliminate dead skin cells that can sometimes inadvertently linger on skin. The acidity in the oil helps promote blood flow and new skin cell growth as well. This is one of the reasons that it’s so effective in the evening out of skin tones. Due to the oil’s bactericide, astringent and antiseptic properties, it is perfect to use on the skin. Some are hesitant to put any type of oil anywhere near their face – especially those who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. They’re under the impression it will only make their condition worse. This is simply not the case. Lemon peel oil will actively reverse those issues.

Cleaning with oil is not a new concept. Many oils have the necessary elements to act as great cleaners. Lemon peel oil has the capacity to clean and nourish the skin all at the same time. Many over-the-counter products have this oil in its ingredients but there are other ingredients that are likely potentially unhealthy and even harmful. Use lemon peel oil as a face wash today and watch your skin start to transform with consistent use.

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Tonsil Stones: How To Prevent Them

tonsil stonesThe condition of suffering from tonsil stones is medically referred to as tonsilloiths. It is a direct result of calcification, as the accumulation of calcium salts can gather in the pockets and crevices of tonsils. Peculiarly enough, even after tonsils are removed, tonsil stones may still occur. When the tonsils get filled with mucus, dead skin cells, food and bacteria, this is the perfect breeding ground for tonsil stones to fester. The remnants often calcify and thus turn into annoying and uncomfortable tonsil stones.

The main function of tonsils is to aid the immune system in the body. They achieve this by defending against viruses and bacteria that enter in your body through the throat. There are quite a few reasons as to why tonsil stones are formed in the body. If you do not brush your teeth properly, food particles will remain in your mouth and will allow bacteria to grow. If the growth increases significantly, this bacteria can reach the tonsil glands and lead to formation of stones. Other than the teeth, food particles can also get stuck in your throat and contribute towards stone formation.

Tonsil stones primarily occur and can be found at the roof of the mouth or back of the throat. They are often white or the color of mucus. Chronic sufferers report that tonsil stones are uncomfortable and can cause sore throat, chronic bad breath and tonsillitis. However, some don’t even realize they are tonsil stone sufferers. The easiest way to combat this issue is to be vigilant with oral care. The less likely excess food and debris is to get stuck on your tonsils, the less likely you are to develop these tonsil stones.

If your mouth remains dry, then you are also prone to the formation of tonsil stones. If not enough saliva is produced, your mouth will not remain clean, and may once again give rise to bacteria and eventually tonsil stones. Whatever the cause, the tonsils are generally removed, however, this does not have a significant effect on the immune system and the person’s body is still capable of defending from foreign bodies.

There are several home-based treatments that can help tonsil stones that you can use solely if your condition is not severe or in conjunction with other treatment plans which your doctor recommends. Oral hygiene is incredibly imperative, as those who neglect to scrape the back of their tongue are more susceptible to food particles not being fully digested and sticking to the walls of tonsils. Regular teeth brushing is crucial and will help dislodge food bits from in between teeth and gums.

Gargling salt water is another suggestion that helps eliminate the bacteria in the back of the throat that often helps aid tonsil stones. Increasing your water intake will also potentially help prevent those pesky stones. Get ample rest, do not participate in anything that may cause tiredness or fatigue, and try to sleep for more than eight hours.  Avoid speaking too much since tonsil stones can affect your voice in some cases. Eat food that can help soothe your sore throat such as coffee or hot cocoa. Use a humidifier so that your room does not become dry enough, which can alleviate sore throat and decrease your pain. Stay away from smoke, dust and other things that can irritate your throat. Take medicines which can relieve you of the pain. If along with tonsil stones you are suffering from fever as well, treatment with drugs is an option.

Your doctor will prescribe certain medications, particularly if bacterial infection is the cause of your disease. In most cases, these medications will usually be antibiotics. A common name among these is penicillin, which has to be taken for almost 10 days. Even if your symptoms disappear, you will still have to take antibiotics throughout the time period for which your doctor prescribed them. If you fail to do so, your symptoms can worsen and several complications can arise such as kidney inflammation and rheumatic fever.

Surgery is the last treatment option for tonsils. Your doctor will consider it only when other treatment plans fail to produce effective results. If your stone formation is frequent, then your doctor will suggest surgery, which is usually referred to as a tonsillectomy.

A tonsillectomy is conducted when you have been given a dose of anesthesia. A tube is passed through the nose into the cavity so that a person can easily breathe during the process. Surgery is performed through the mouth, which is kept open with a tool. A laser or another heated instrument is guided to where the tonsil stones are located, which are then cut away. The entire procedure is finished in just about an hour. You can be allowed to go home on the same day, but you will be fully recovered in about 14 days.

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5 Tips To Lose Weight

lose weight tipsThose who struggle to lose weight have heard the same advice again and again to shed the pounds: eat right and exercise. While this advice is sound and effective, it can sometimes be much more difficult than it sounds. There can potentially be factors that interfere with the effectiveness of those two suggestions – things like family history or medication. Listed below are some unusual and uncommonly mentioned ways to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Use A Smaller Blue Plate

This is an interesting suggestion that actually has a lot of basis in scientific findings. There are certain colors that promote feelings of hunger. Colors like red and yellow are often used for fast food logos for this very reason. But using the color blue around the food you eat will help you get full faster. Using a plate that’s smaller will help aid in portion control. When we use bigger plates, we are naturally inclined to pile more food onto them.

Sit In The Sauna

Sweating doesn’t always have to come from physical exertion. Just sitting in a steam room can potentially burn a large amount of calories – especially if you frequent a sauna on a continual basis. This may serve as a good extra bit of sweating on top of the work out you already do, or a way to burn calories if too much rigorous movement is simply just not your thing.

Take Vitamins

Many people hold on to fat and unnecessary weight because they lack the proper minerals and vitamins that the body needs for optimal functioning. There are quite a few vitamins that have been known to help shed pounds. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and calcium are all vitamins that have been linked to weight loss. Sometimes those extra five or 10 pounds are holding on because our body doesn’t have the right level of nutrients.

Sleep In A Cold Room

Oddly enough, when we sleep in a properly ventilated, cool room it actually promotes deeper sleep which helps regulate our metabolism and burns more calories, then when we have fretful, warm sleep. Those who are sleep deprived are more likely to struggle with losing weight and often retain weight. Deep sleep promotes rest, which promotes the internal functioning of the body to work as it should. This includes being able to shed those extra pounds.


This is a great tactic to not only improve your lungs and the level of oxygen you obtain, but also one that promotes your metabolism functioning as it should and was designed to. There is a very specific pattern of deep breathing that promotes the shedding of pounds. Inhale through the nose and count to four, hold for a count of seven and then exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of eight. Repeat four times.