What Is Stillingia Root?

Varying components of plants provide the most concentrated and beneficial elements to any given issue. Sometimes it’s the pulp of the fruit that’s the most effective, sometimes it’s the seed. The root of the next plant we’ll be exploring is where all its power and benefits lie. Stillingia is a perennial herb that is a part of the spurge family. It is typically found in southeastern coastal regions like Virginia and Florida. The Stillingia root is considered to be very helpful for the lymphatic system. For many centuries, it was actually used to purify and cleanse the blood.


One of the primary uses for this oil during the nineteenth century was as a laxative, due to its expectorant and emetic qualities. It was used in this capacity for years, and because so many had strong reactions to the herb yet later began to display positive improvements, it became a very controversial form of treatment. It was also said to work well on external cancers. In cases of constipation it should only be used in very small doses. More than a small dose may cause a person to lose control of their bowels too rapidly.


Due to its expectorant qualities it has been known to be effective in the treatment of bronchial congestion and laryngitis. The powerful effect of the expectorant is known to help clear out and disperse the phlegm that gets stuck and accumulates in the lungs. That cough often experienced in these situations can be downright horrendous. Whether the cough is as serious as the croup or just violent and jarring, stillingia has been shown to provide sufferers with needed relief.


Also great at detoxifying, it promotes sweating which helps to eliminate toxins from your body. There are so many things that can potentially harm our bodies and we are often unaware of their presence. Whether it be your diet, the amount of stress you experience on a consistent basis, or environmental factors, toxins build up and are stored in our bodies faster and more consistently than we may realize. This blood-purifying herb helps to promote the process of toxins leaving your body. The removal of toxins and taking specific steps to aid this process is crucial to overall health.

Skin Care

This herb is also great for skin conditions. Similarly to how it positively benefits those who have external cancer, namely skin cancer, it helps to target and heal conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It targets the inflamed skin and helps to alleviate the overt reaction and toxin that is causing the breakout. It is also said to be good for acne issues for the very same reasons. Just a dab of stillingia oil will provide the skin with a powerful, acrid and drying element that can alleviate the type of skin reactions you have and the severity. Taking care of skin conditions can be difficult and you should have as many options for relief as possible.

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Beauty Benefits Of Candlenut Oil

Even if you are well versed in the many oils available for your different skin, hair and health needs, you may feel like switching it up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with having a plethora of options when it comes to what you use, what works best and how. Because of this, we enjoy nothing more than expanding your knowledge and providing you with needed information about the latest and greatest – and sometimes unknown oils. Today our dissection includes an oil with some impressive qualities: candlenut oil also known in many spaces as kukui nut oil. Here are some of the most noteworthy.

Keeps Hair Color Intact

Whether you dye your hair because you enjoy change or because you’re trying to cover up grays, this oil is something your hair will definitely appreciate. It helps to sharpen your hair color while also nourishing the hair to fight off any incoming grays. If you are already suffering from a few strands of gray hair, never fear as this oil has been said to even be able to revert already gray hair back to its original color. It also provides the hair with an enormous source of vitamins and minerals that will give your hair a more deep bodied shine and luster while giving your color the type of vibrancy that it may often lack.

Prevents Hair Loss

Whether you are dealing with a health condition or struggling with premature aging signs, losing your hair or noticing more hair fall than normal can be particularly painful. Things like harsh products, environmental toxins and overexposure to the elements can weaken hair. The amino acids and essential fatty acids present in candlenut oil help to hydrate and replenish the hair with the necessary elements it may be lacking. This will help fortify your scalp and diminish your hair loss. The regenerative effects are pretty exceptional. After using candlenut oil consistently for a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to see the difference.

Skin Aid

This oil has a high amount of linoleic acid which makes it a great skin oil. It easily penetrates the deepest layer of the skin which means it seals off the skin from outside factors that can be harmful to it. Think about things like wind, sun, smoke, free radicals. All of these facets pose a damage to your skin. With this oil, your skin is properly protected. This lowers the chance of things like acne and premature age markers appearing.

Natural Glow

Due to the non-sticky consistency of the oil, it provides the skin with a smooth and silky finish without being oily or overwhelming. The vitamins and minerals within the oil do a fantastic job of promoting skin radiance and overall health. All the vitamins that the skin needs, such as E, C and A, provide it with antioxidants that promote glowing, luminous skin. Candlenut oil will thwart those pesky skin problems and signs of aging, all while giving your skin a definitive glow.

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Illipe Butter And Its Benefits

When it comes to butters of the natural variety, you are likely much more familiar with cocoa butter or shea butter, the butters that replenish and nourish skin impressively. Just like oils, there are different types of butters – some much lesser known – and they do different things. Illipe is a plant butter that isn’t as popular or well-known, yet it packs a powerful punch –  especially on hair. Here are all the reasons that this impressive butter should be added to your must-try list.

Restores Hair Elasticity

The more elasticity your hair has, the healthier it is. Elasticity speaks to the overall health of your hair quite vividly. Your hair should have a natural stretch to it that prevents breaking. With the correct amount of protein and moisture, hair stretch won’t result in unnecessary breakage. If you’ve been noticing that your hair has been breaking lately, you may want to try illipe butter. It will provide your hair with the necessary moisture needed to hydrate hair properly. As a natural emollient that is high in fatty acids, it easily penetrates the hair shaft and binds the space that exists in the hair. This is the first step to combating breakage. It ultimately makes the hair much healthier and stronger.

Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most frightening things both men and women can go through. If you are starting to notice hair thinning or bald patches, you’ll need to up your hair vitamins – specifically vitamin F, otherwise known as linoleic acid, which helps to protect the hair and the scalp from these types of premature occurrences. Without a healthy amount of linoleic acid, the scalp is vulnerable. When it experiences trouble like dandruff and dermatitis, if not properly dealt with, these things can lead to hair loss. Flaking and itchy scalp is a terrible environment for hair growth. In fact, it actually inhibits it.

Replenishes Hair

If you suffer from dry, unruly hair, you likely have a hard time keeping it properly moisturized. When your hair is dry, it’s susceptible to so many different issues and struggles. The antioxidants within illipe butter help to eliminate free radicals and also combat the chemicals that often do damage to our hair. If you use many hair products, be aware that some of the ingredients within them are simply terrible for the hair. Natural products are truly the best way to go. Try using illipe butter as a hair mask at least once a week.

Prevents Dandruff

Dandruff is so common. Many people have suffered from it at some point in their lives, but it’s not something that is impossible to thwart or eliminate completely. One of the great aspects of treating your hair with illipe butter is that your scalp will also ultimately benefit from the vitamins and nutrients within the butter. Soothing your hair and your scalp at once is a two-for-one deal and this butter can do just that easily and effortlessly.

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The Benefits Of Amur Cork Tree Oil

The amur cork tree is native to parts of Asia – Korea, Japan and China – and has strong medicinal properties. It’s a fairly sizable tree and is often left alone due to its gorgeous, tall expanse, aromatic leaves and beautiful fruit. Thankfully though, there are plenty in the region and only a portion of them have to be used to procure this oil. The deciduous trees – with dark leaves and brown, deep corkish bark – can grow to be nearly 12 meters tall. The interesting part about this tree and its benefits is that most trees aren’t used for their bark until after they’ve reached 10 years old, while the fruit can be used right away. Also, the process of collection is typically in the winter. Here are some of the key benefits of amur cork tree oil.

Fever Reducing

Due to the properties within the oil, it’s a great way to reduce fevers. When you become sick, it can feel like there’s no end in sight and that you’re just going to be miserable forever – night sweats, coughs, body aches. The flu is never a fun endeavor. Even sleeping can seem like something difficult to do. Using a bit of amur cork tree oil can help get rid of that fever. Apply it to your pressure points on your wrist and on the bottoms of your feet. The fever will get drawn out and you’ll start to feel better in eight to 12 hours.

Blood Sugar

This is a potent oil and only should be ingested in very small quantities. It seems that when the oil is used internally, it has many beneficial effects on the system. It has been known to help regulate and normalize blood sugar levels. One of the most dangerous and pervasive diseases is diabetes and when blood sugar levels get out of control it can become a really dangerous situation. Just a small amount of amur cork tree oil helps to stabilize erratic blood sugar levels.


The fruit that comes from the amur cork tree is a natural expectorant, which means that it helps to rid the body of all the things that build up inside as a result. The congestion and the excess fluid are easily diminished in the presence of this oil. Are you suffering from a terrible cough that seems to just hang on for weeks at a time? Try putting some of this oil directly on your chest to loosen up the congestion and phlegm. It will help to make breathing easier and help loosen your pathways obstructed in your lungs.


If you are suffering with this skin condition, you likely have tried a myriad of other options. Some may not work at all while others may work short-term. The fruit that comes from the amur cork tree has nutrient-rich properties that not only help to clear up signs of eczema but also nourishes the skin while it’s being healed. Eczema is deeply tied to an autoimmune condition and the management of your skin is crucial.


Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils are aromatic compounds produced naturally by plants. James Cook University scientists recently discovered a technique to apply natural plant extracts such as tea tree oil as a coating for medical devices. This process could prevent millions of infections every year. Professor Mohan Jacob, Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at JCU, and his team found that an increasing number of unplanned surgeries are being performed to fight infections mostly caused by bacterial activity on medical devices and a subsequent ‘biofilm’ forming on them. “Just in the U.S., about 17 million new biofilm-related infections are reported annually, leading to approximately 550,000 fatalities each year,” Jacob said. “It’s thought about 80 percent of worldwide surgery-associated infections may relate to biofilm formation.”

The team converted plant-based products – known as Plant Secondary Metabolites (PSMs) – into polymer coatings for medical devices, including implants. “They’re derived from such things as essential oils and herb extracts and they have relatively powerful, broad-spectrum antibacterial activities. PSMs are a low-cost, renewable resource available in commercial quantities, with limited toxicity, and potentially different mechanisms for fighting bacteria than synthetic antibiotics,” Jacob said. The group’s research also tackled the persistent problem of how to convert the plant extracts from a liquid to a solid state as a coating for medical devices without a significant loss of effectiveness.

Dr. Katia Bazaka is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow and team member. “We used plasma-enhanced techniques within a reactor containing the essential oil vapors,” added team member Dr. Katia Bazaka, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow. “When the vapors are exposed to a glow discharge, they are transformed and settle on the surface of an implant as a solid biologically-active coating. These have shown good antibacterial properties. The main advantage of this approach is that we are not using other chemicals, such as solvents, during the fabrication process. As such, there is no threat of potentially harmful chemicals being retained in the coating or them damaging the surface of the material onto which the coating is applied. It also makes the fabrication process more environmentally friendly.”

Tea Tree Oil

The group is currently the global pioneers in the development of plant-derived polymer thin films – publishing over 70 research articles and six Ph.D. theses in the field. Professor Ian Atkinson, Director of JCU’s eResearch unit and a collaborator on the project, said the work had recently been extended to target marine organisms, to prevent the growth of biofilms on aquatic sensors and their subsequent failure. “Another attractive feature of these coatings is their optical transparency, which may be quite important if you are using them to coat contact lenses or optical windows in aquatic sensors,” he said.

Professor Jacob and his Ph.D. students are now collaborating with Dr. Peter Mulvey and Associate Professor Jeff Warner at the JCU-based Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine to study the activity of different types of bacteria on the plant-based coatings. Even though synthetic antibiotics have been the best weapon for eradicating microbial infections since the arrival of penicillin, the overuse of these medications is gradually rendering them ineffective. Scientists think that if new strategies are not developed soon, medical treatments could retreat to the era where slight injuries and common infections develop into serious medical problems.

Most plants produce organic molecules as antimicrobial agents to combat harmful microorganisms. In the past few decades, progress in the synthesis of nanoscale materials, in particular plasma-assisted fabrication, has provided the means to retain the antimicrobial activities of plant secondary metabolites within bioactive coatings. Though the JCU team investigated many natural precursors, their main focus was on the Australian-based essential oil, tea tree oil and its components. As part of a Ph.D. project, Dr. Katia Bazaka developed antibacterial coatings from terpene-4-ol, which is a major component of tea tree oil.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Scientists from the University of Bonn, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the German Cancer Research Center investigated such peroxisomal diseases on fruit flies. They were able to prove that a coconut oil diet significantly increases the vitality and lifespan of the flies. The results were presented in the journal PLOS Biology.

If the peroxisomes are damaged or absent, a toxic accumulation of very-long-chain fatty acids occurs. While science has so far primarily focused on these very-long-chain fatty acids as the cause of the disease, a research team around Dr. Margret Bülow at the LIMES Institute at the University of Bonn investigated the importance of medium-chain fatty acids. “These fatty acids are much more frequent than the very long-chain ones,” says Bülow. “Their importance has been underestimated so far.”

The research team used fruit flies as a classical model organism. The flies lacked a gene that encodes an important building block for the peroxisomes, which prevented the detoxification factories from working properly. The disease resembled peroxisome dysfunction in humans: Brain cells in the flies had died, so they could neither fly nor crawl. “What was striking about these animals was that they showed a medium-chain fatty deficiency,” reports lead author Dr. Julia Sellin. “It is precisely these fatty acids that serve as fuel for energy production in the cell power plants – the mitochondria.” It was therefore reasonable to assume that additional feeding with the deficient fatty acids could compensate for the damage.

A 1992 film drama told the true story of Lorenzo Odone, a seriously ill boy suffering from a peroxisomal disorder – a rare hereditary disease also known as adrenoleukodystrophy/ALD, which resulted in damage to the nervous system. The parents’ desperate search for treatment was turned into a film titled Lorenzo’s Oil,  which made the disease well known. The disease arises from the dysfunction of so-called “peroxisomes.” These are tiny bubbles surrounded by a membrane that are mainly responsible for detoxifying the cells. In addition to harmful hydrogen peroxide, very-long-chain fatty acids in particular are also metabolized there.

Fruit Fly Findings

The scientists put some of the flies with the missing gene on a diet of coconut oil, which is rich in medium-chain fatty acids. A control group was fed conventionally. It was found that only about 20 percent of the fruit flies larvae raised on standard food developed further into adult specimens. Most of these died within 24 hours, while the normal life expectancy is around 40 to 50 days. In contrast, about 55 percent of the larvae fed with coconut oil produced adult fruit flies that survived for several weeks. “With the diet, the fruit flies suffering from the peroxisome disorder are able to survive, which is not possible on a conventional diet,” says Dr. Christian Wingen, the second lead author.

The damaged fly larvae showed symptoms of hunger stress. In the search for the causes, the team of researchers discovered lipase 3 – an enzyme that mobilizes fatty acids from the storage fat as fuel when there is a lack of food. Lipase 3 was upregulated to provide more energy. However, in peroxisome diseases the mitochondria are affected, which is why the fatty acids could not be completely processed and accumulated to a toxic amount. “This is probably the cause of death of the flies,” Bülow added. Another important role is played by “ceramide synthase Schlank,” which was discovered several years earlier at the LIMES Institute. If the synthase is outside the cell nucleus, lipase 3 is upregulated, which leads to the described damage. The coconut oil diet however dampened the increased activity of lipase 3, thereby reducing cell damage. A team of researchers led by Dr. Reinhard Bauer was recently able to show that Schlank is involved in the regulation of lipase 3.

Can the fruit fly findings be transferred to humans? The researchers also investigated human cell lines derived from patients with peroxisomal biogenesis disease. These too showed that without a coconut oil diet, the mitochondria swell and free fatty acids accumulate in toxic concentrations. “We were able to transfer some aspects that we observed on flies to human cells,” Bülow said. “This is an important indication for a possible therapy approach in humans, but there is still a lot of research to be done.”

Copaiba Oil Benefits

Sales of the essential oil copaiba are increasing, at least in part, because more than 54 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis and 23.7 million are limited in their usual activity primarily due to pain. The conventional way to treat arthritis is using nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as well as cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitors (COXIBs), which are not without adverse effects like gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attacks and stroke. For arthritis sufferers, copaiba may turn out to be a silver bullet or perhaps snake oil. The side effects of NSAIDs and COXIBs as well as warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on their risks of gastrointestinal side effects and bleeding as well as cardiovascular disease all suggest the need to test novel therapies with potential clinical benefits and fewer side effects than the available traditional medicines.

One such possible remedy is Copaifera reticulate or copaiba. The totality of evidence concerning the potential of copaiba to treat inflammatory arthritis is limited to basic research and uncontrolled clinical observations in humans. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University caution that randomized trials are necessary to discern whether the treatment is effective or that copaiba turns out to be yet another beautiful hypothesis slain by ugly facts. They present the incomplete totality of evidence and challenges in treating arthritis in their commentary published in the journal Integrative Medicine. “Copaiba is an essential oil that is used topically with little or no side effects, but there is insufficient evidence to judge whether it reduces pain and inflammation in patients with arthritis,” said Charles H. Hennekens, M.D., Dr.P.H., and senior author of the paper. “In case reports, individuals with joint pain and inflammation who used copaiba reported favorable results, however, this hypothesis is promising but as of yet unproven.”

Copaiba is a stimulant oleoresin obtained from the trunk of several pinnate-leaved South American leguminous trees found in the Amazon. Its medicinal usage dates back to the 16th century when natives of Brazil used it as folk medicine. Today, Brazil produces approximately 95 percent of this oil-resin, exporting more than 500 tons each year. “Basic research has suggested mechanisms of benefit of this essential oil in treating inflammatory arthritis,” says Hennekens. “Nonetheless, the only published data on copaiba on humans includes one case series and one small randomized trial of another inflammatory condition and not arthritis.”

The researchers conclude that the totality of the currently available evidence for copaiba essential oil is wholly insufficient to judge either its benefits or risks for the relief of pain and inflammation in arthritis. They emphasize that despite the absence of reliable evidence from large-scale randomized clinical trials, sales of copaiba continue to increase, presenting clinical and public health challenges. “To complete the totality of evidence, copaiba should be first tested in a randomized trial against a placebo in patients with inflammatory arthritis,” said Hennekens. “If such a trial shows a net benefit, then the next step would be direct randomized comparisons against NSAIDs and COXIBs.”

Orange Essential Oil Benefits

About eight percent of people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder at some point in their lives, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, yet treatments for this debilitating condition remain limited. In a recent study, mice exposed to orange essential oil after a stressful situation showed improvements in markers of stress and fear, suggesting essential oil may offer a nonpharmaceutical option to help alleviate PTSD.

“Relative to pharmaceuticals, essential oils are much more economical and do not have adverse side effects,” says Cassandra Moshfegh, research assistant in Paul Marvar’s laboratory at the George Washington University. “The orange essential plant oil showed a significant effect on the behavioral response in our study mice. This is promising because it shows that passively inhaling this essential oil could potentially assuage PTSD symptoms in humans.” Orange essential oil is typically extracted from the peel of the orange fruit. People use essential oils for therapeutic purposes by diffusing them into the air, applying them to the skin or ingesting them in foods or beverages.

The researchers tested the effects of orange essential oil using Pavlovian Fear conditioning, a behavioral mouse model used to study the formation, storage and expression of fear memories as a model for PTSD. Mice were exposed to the orange essential oil by passive inhalation 40 minutes before and after fear conditioning. Typically mice freeze in fear when they hear a certain audial tone later, a response that diminishes gradually over time.

Twelve mice received the tone by itself, 12 mice received water and fear conditioning, and 12 mice received an orange essential oil and fear conditioning. Mice exposed to orange essential oil by passive inhalation showed a significant reduction in freezing behavior and stopped freezing earlier than the water-exposed, fear-conditioned mice. They also showed significant differences in the types of immune cells present after fear conditioning. The immune system contributes to the inflammation associated with chronic stress and fear, so immune cells are a marker of the biochemical pathways involved in PTSD.

Preliminary results point to differences in the gene expression in the brain between the mice that were exposed to essential oil and those that were not, hinting at a potential mechanism to explain the behavioral results. Moshfegh said further studies would be needed to understand the specific effects of orange essential oil in the brain and nervous system and shed light on how these effects might help to reduce fear and stress in people with PTSD

Key Benefits Of Tonka Bean Oil

In recent years the tonka bean and its impressive properties have gained international acclaim for all the ways that it can help. Not only does the bean have a natural pleasant aroma, similar to that of vanilla, it has a whole host of other advantages that go far beyond aromatherapy. Tonka bean is an oil that is an amber color and typically very thick in consistency. Much like coconut oil, tonka bean oil will solidify at lower temperatures. Here are some key ways in which this oil can be utilized.


This oil has been used in traditional practices as a way to ensure that injuries were properly treated. In the event that something like a cut or a snake bite isn’t properly treated, it can very easily turn into a much bigger issue than it was originally. Infections can easily become very serious if they are not immediately dealt with. When you clean a wound, you are properly eliminating the chance that it become badly infected. Infections are so dangerous because they can easily transfer to other parts of your body. They aren’t to be taken lightly. Just a little bit of tonka bean oil will disinfect your wound on contact.


If you are someone who suffers from colds or even asthma, this is a great oil to keep on hand. Tonka bean oil helps to increase the function of the lungs and aids in the dispersing of the mucus build up that often settles there. The reason this oil can be so effective is that it helps to lubricate the passageways that lead to the lungs and rids the body of mucus. Try using a bit of the oil in a diffuser or an oil burner. You can also use a drop with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut and rub it into your chest when congestion sets in. You’ll be able to breathe much more easily after several minutes.


This is one of the most interesting qualities of this oil. It is known to help fix a fragrance and enhance its ability to stay on the skin. If you are the type of person that loves to experiment with different scents and enjoys perfume, you may want to pick this oil up. Not only that, if you want to take it a step further, and in the event you like to actually make your own fragrances, this is a must-have.

Many who are well versed in the natural and holistic world have transitioned from using store bought perfume, because of sensitivity, to simply making their own. If this is the case for you, you’ll definitely need some tonka bean oil, not just for its interesting scent properties but because it ensures your fragrance is long lasting.


If you have an aversion to pests, which most people do, yet don’t want to use over-the-counter bug sprays with their harsh chemical ingredients, this oil is a perfect substitute. Add a couple of drops of tonka bean oil to a spray bottle with alcohol and water. Spray it on your base boards to keep those creepy crawlers out.

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What Is Comfrey?

Comfrey is likely not one of the plants that you are inherently familiar with – even if you are pretty well versed in holistic living and alternative treatments. This plant has a very broad spectrum of offerings which makes it something that should be closely studied and implemented as a method of treatment when certain health issues arise – whether those issues be intrinsic and internal or cosmetic and external. This powerful plant, otherwise known as Symphytum, is a herbal medicine that deserves more acclaim. Here’s why.

Heals Wounds

Whether you are accident prone or not, you know that sometimes unforeseen cuts, scrapes, or bruises can happen to anyone. While there isn’t anything wrong with scars, it’s obviously preferable to heal any wound as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Comfrey provides you with that assistance. The plant is extremely high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps to speed up the wound-healing process. This is great because the longer a wound takes to heal, the more apt it may be to infections or complications. Properly cleaning and dressing a wound immediately is of paramount importance. Add some comfrey oil to your next wound and you’ll notice a huge difference.

Pain Reliever

Many people deal with chronic pain on varying degrees and levels. To have to exist on a daily basis in some form of pain can greatly and negatively impact your quality of life. While pain medication can be a risky option, as so many are habit forming and potentially dangerous, a natural and external method to deal with pain is ideal. Comfrey has analegic qualities within the herb which helps to alleviate and soothe aches, pains and discomfort. Try adding a bit of comfrey oil to your coconut oil and rub it on your problem areas. Comfrey will be able to provide you with some relief.

Inflammation Buster

If you have a specific condition that leads to inflammation in your body, you likely will deal with a great bit of pain and swelling on a regular basis. Things like gout, arthritis, eczema and many other ailments can make it incredibly hard for you to go about the entirety of your day without being in some degree of discomfort. The saponins and tannins within this plant help to provide some relief to that swelling and tightness. There are comfrey creams you can use or if you want a more multi-purpose option. The oil is always a good idea to have on hand.

Respiratory Health

In the event you have asthma, seasonal allergies or are often susceptible to a cold, you should definitely try using this oil the next time you don’t feel well. While this oil should not be ingested, you can use it externally to help you clear out congestion. Its specific properties will help to diminish the restriction you often feel in these types of situations in your chest and in your lungs by opening up passageways. You can rub the oil onto your chest or you can inhale its aroma for a couple of minutes.

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Beech Nut Oil Benefits

A very common tree that can be found in various parts of the world like North America, Europe and Asia, is the beech tree. It produces a nut that is incredibly effective in a myriad of ways. Even though this tree is common, the ways in which it can help shouldn’t be diminished. The tree also has other more fundamental uses, like that of firewood or as construction material. The nuts that come from the tree are the focus today. Here are some ways to use the oil that comes from a beech nut tree.

Hair Growth

Are you the type of person that wants to have thicker, more healthy hair? Do you find that you are dealing with a specific amount of shedding or having hair fall out more than you used to? This is all a symptom of your hair not properly being taken care of like it should be. This can lead to many different troubles, one of which is an unhealthy scalp. If your scalp is unhealthy, growing your hair will become exceedingly difficult. Luckily, beech nut oil is an antidote for this issue. There are properties within the oil that help to strengthen the hair follicle beds. This gives your hair a better, healthier platform and increases growth, strength and appearance.


If you have tummy troubles, whether it’s from eating too much or because you have a certain food sensitivity, it can be hard to properly digest food. In these instances it can be difficult because digestive problems manifest themselves in a whole host of ways. Many serious conditions have been linked to the gut and lack of proper digestive health. So sorting out why you may deal with a heavy bout of cramps, bloating, gas or irregular bowel movements is not something you should ignore. Beech nut oil can help as its fiber content can help to regulate your system and bring some ease to the process of digestion.

Kidney Issues

Because of the diuretic qualities of this oil, if you are noticing any type of issues in your kidneys or how they function, you may want to start treating them with beech nut oil. Kidneys help to clean the blood that circulates in your body and also how your urine is filtered. If you notice any changes in your patterns of urination or any discomfort in your lower back or sides, it’s possible that your kidneys may be under a bit of stress.

You can help alleviate that by rubbing some beech nut oil on your lower back, near your kidneys for a couple of days and seeing if that doesn’t help your kidneys to function more precisely. Things like waste, salt, water and fats all get filtered through those little organs at our sides so it’s essential you take care of them. When kidneys function well, they even have a hand in how effectively your metabolism works.

The Wonders Of Poppy Seed Oil

The nutritional properties of seeds can sometimes be under discussed. For many years, specific traditions used the seeds and roots of plants to treat and cure many different types of issues and ailments. In our current, more rapidly changing society, it’s nice to know that these seeds and plants can be obtained in an easy-to-use oil form which takes the guess work out of preparation and application. One thing that should be noted about poppy seed oil is that the ripened seeds themselves do not contain narcotic properties like that of the plant. Many get confused about this fact.

Inflammation Slayer

Poppy seed oil is great for the skin for a myriad of reasons – one of which is its high content of lineolenic acid. This can help to target and relieve many of the symptoms suffered from skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. The inflammation that is usually the biggest symptom of these kinds of skin ailments can be downright distressing. The skin starts to darken and the inflamed areas of the skin can become painful and swell to noticeable levels.

Try to treat your affected skin with a mixture of poppy seed oil and coconut oil. Using the coconut oil as a carrier, add a few drops of poppy seed oil into it and combine. Apply the mixture to your symptomatic skin twice a day.


The lineolenic acid also makes for a great moisturizer for the face. If you know anything about skincare, you know that the skin needs hydration and moisture quite a bit. No matter the skin type you have, moisturizing your skin daily, and well, is an absolute necessity. This is true even for you oily skin sufferers, as you may think that your skin requires less moisture, it doesn’t. In fact, oily skin likely needs more moisture than normal or dry skin because its over production of oil is due to its lack of necessary moisture. Go figure. Try a couple of drops of poppy seed oil as a moisturizer on a completely clean face.

Treats Dandruff

Those pesky little flakes are no match for the potency of poppy seed oil. In fact, dandruff sufferers find that the scalp issue can be so pervasive and that oils similar to poppy seed help to completely heal and restore their scalp. Poppy seed oil is no different. You can add a bit of the oil to your favorite shampoo and wash your hair as normal.

You can also use the oil, mixed with a bit of coconut or jojoba oil, as an oil specifically applied to the scalp. Part your hair in small sections and apply the oil mixture along the entirety of your scalp. After just a couple of weeks, you’ll notice the dandruff less and less until it’s completely gone.

Stimulates Hair Growth

If you are looking for a way to promote hair growth, this oil will definitely do the trick. Try massaging a few drops onto your scalp every other day and watch how your hair starts to grow in stronger and thicker than before!

Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil

It can sometimes be increasingly difficult to keep track of which oils and fats actually work well in your body and which don’t. Contrary to what we’ve been told throughout the years, fats are essential to our health and a necessary part of our diet. The tricky part comes when we don’t eat the right kinds of fats and we run the risk of damaging our health. Here are some important ways in which rice bran oil can benefit internal health.

Neutral Tasting

One of the most important aspects of a healthy type of oil that needs to be explored is how it tastes. While coconut oil has seen a boom in recent years as a go-to oil for many different uses, some don’t enjoy the taste as it is very strong and the coconut flavor is unmistakable. The great thing about rice bran oil is that it’s fairly neutral in taste so it can be effectively used when cooking a myriad of items. The rice grain itself isn’t very potent so its flavor won’t clash with the foods you are cooking.

Full Of Healthy Fats

Rice bran oil has the healthy amounts of fats that we all need to be ingesting in our diets. So many people are very confused about the types of fats that are considered good for them and the types that aren’t. While the fats in processed and fast foods are typically bad, the fats in things like avocado and olive oil help to actually increase good cholesterol while also lowering bad cholesterol. This type of distinction is what prevents issues with the heart that can lead to stroke or heart disease.

This is one of the oils that is actually good for you because of its healthy fat index. It has almost equal proportions of monounsaturated fats, saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats. This is important to note as its levels work well in the body to promote healthy fuel and energy levels. It also has no trans fats present in its fat composition which ensures you are ingesting the good fats as opposed to the harmful ones.

Lower Cholesterol

There is good cholesterol and there is bad cholesterol – some people aren’t aware of the intrinsic differences between the two. One will help your heart and aid your organs while the other can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke or type 2 diabetes. Because rice bran oil is so heart friendly, it can actually help to control your cholesterol with the right amount of a powerful antioxidant called oryzanol. This oil is even recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association as being great for improving serum levels of cholesterol.

A High Smoke Point

There are some oils that are unfortunately used incorrectly. Their general makeup lends to either a high, medium or low smoke point. A smoke point essentially examines whether or not the oil remains unchanged or oxidizes when it is exposed to a certain level of heat. Rice bran oil has a high smoke point which means that it can safely be used to deep fry and stir fry many of your favorite dishes without changing the healthy factors within the oil itself. This is something many people get wrong with olive oil. Although it’s incredibly healthy, it should not be used on the stove and is best incorporated into dressings and on lukewarm pastas. Exposing it to too much heat changes it too significantly.

Many Other Uses For Rice Bran Oil

With so many different oils on the market, some are more easily located and purchased than others. While some would like to experiment with the types of oils that they cook with, an oil that can be used in a whole host of ways, such as rice bran, is ideal. There are many more reasons why rice bran oil should have a permanent spot in both your kitchen pantry and your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Skin Aid

Rice bran oil is highly effective as a hydrating oil. So often, the over-the-counter moisturizers that the skincare industry markets are not only incredibly expensive, but also filled with unnecessary additives. You don’t want to be putting just anything on your skin. What many people don’t realize is that the best skin care products and the ones that are the most effective are all inherently natural. That extra gunk and miscellaneous ingredients will actually do more harm than good in the long run. The fatty acids that are present in rice bran oil ensure that your skin is properly moisturized and won’t leave your skin looking or feeling oily.

Anti-Aging Trick

If you are suffering from the beginnings of wrinkles, or just noticing that your skin looks a bit dull and lifeless around the edges, it’s time to switch to an oil like rice bran. The deeply hydrating properties of this oil help to lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Signs of aging can be downright scary. There’s no need to battle the tell-tale signs of your age when you incorporate wonderful skin oils into your regimen. Just a couple of drops as a moisturizer on a clean face will do the trick.

Cooking Oil

Sometimes coconut oil and olive oil can get a little ordinary and bland to cook with after awhile. You may be interested in switching up the oils that you cook with, and if you are, rice bran is a great alternative. It has a very neutral taste so it pairs well with the different types of foods that you like to cook. It also has a high heat point which means it’s perfect to use on the stove to cook a myriad of dishes. Rice bran is incredibly neutral and not at all potent when it comes to the taste that it leaves foods with.

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The Many Uses For Brucea Javanica

Brucea javanica was originally found in Southeast Asia and has been the subject of hundreds of studies regarding its amazing anti-inflammatory propensities. It has been shown to treat many different forms of maladies, including cancer. In a study published in a well-known, international journal called Cancer Letters, researchers discovered that a compound called brucein exists within the plant in copious amounts and had inhibited the growth of three different pancreatic cancer cell lines. This is highly impressive and an exciting discovery for the holistic field of medicine.

What’s more is that this plant is available in oil form and can be used on many different types of inflammation. If you suffer from external pain or soreness, try rubbing some of this oil into the areas that give you discomfort. If you suffer from some type of arthritis or rheumatism, this oil could prove to be a real beacon of hope for you and lessen the pain you experience on a very real level. To exist within your life in a semi or even constant state of pain can control and diminish how you spend your days. Opt for brucea javanica oil as a way to control the inflammation you constantly suffer with.

Many believe that the holistic and natural approach to illness and ailments should be the preferred method of treatment. It can be difficult at times when the research is not shown beyond personal experience and doesn’t properly transcend into scientific studies. There are several reasons why this occurs. One of which is that the medical and drug industry won’t profit off of these alternative treatments in the same manner that they do for their costly drug protocol. So the necessary research that is needed to confirm the benefit of elements that exist in nature doesn’t happen as readily as it should.

It is usually within the cultural framework of tradition that the use of such natural measures continues to be known. However, in the case of brucea javanica, specific studies and research have found conclusive information in results regarding treatment of cancer. It has been shown in various studies, that this plant has an impressive efficacy when treating bladder, cervical, breast and pancreatic cancer. When a study was conducted on its ability to kill off breast cancer cells, it’s selective toxicity found it had over a 70 percent rate of eliminating harmful cells.

With cancer being one of the most prevalent killers in our society, oncologists continue to notice the shortcomings of chemotherapy and radiation. It has also been shown that such measures can damage healthy cells along with cancerous ones. So if there can be an alternative treatment to this issue, why not have it continuously explored and have more research money poured into it? It stands to reason that conventional medicine isn’t the end all be all, nor does it have all the answers so many seek.

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Bitter Gourd Oil For Your Beauty Needs

Bitter gourd – also known as Karela or bitter melon – is relatively well known in many cultural circles as a fruit that is used in various ways. This fruit, despite its odd shape and texture, is incredibly full and dense with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that the body needs and thrives off of. This fruit can be used in a number of ways to the betterment of not just your internal health, but your hair and skin as well. Here are some ways that bitter gourd oil can be used.

Skin Issues

The skin is one of the most fragile organs of the body. Due to the fact that it is external, it is exposed to many environmental elements that can compromise it – things like air, smoke, sun and harsh chemicals. Taking care of your skin can feel like a job and when it is not done properly, you may start to deal with issues like acne, rashes, wrinkles, age spots and a plethora of other issues. The presence of bitter gourd on the skin helps to eliminate these issues by helping to enhance blood purifying. This will help to fight against the presence of toxins which often contribute to the presence of those issues we listed before. You can use a few drops on your face after cleansing and toning.

Heals Skin Ailments

If you suffer from something like eczema and psoriasis, you know how terrible those outbreaks can get – dry, flaky and cracked skin that is positively unsightly. Bitter gourd oil can help to treat these issues and also reduce inflammation and irritation. It’s also been known to work on fungal infections, ringworm and athlete’s foot. Many of the over-the-counter remedies for these ailments actually contain ingredients that are bad for your skin and potentially harmful to you. Add a few drops of bitter gourd oil into some coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas three times a day. You’ll soon start to notice a difference.

Age Buster

Signs of aging can be incredibly disconcerting. One minute we look youthful and glow, the next minute we start to see traces of laugh lines, crow’s feet and dull skin. What is there to do? No need to panic because bitter gourd oil is the perfect antidote. The amount of vitamin C helps to protect the skin from the sun and wrinkles with its high levels of antioxidant power. What’s more is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on wrinkle creams and anti-aging serums when you can get inexpensive and highly effective bitter gourd oil and experience even greater results.

Dandruff Eliminator

Those pesky white flakes are no match for the impressive elements of bitter gourd. The oil not only treats the appearance of dandruff but helps to regulate the scalp back to a normal pH balance which will prevent further occurrences of dandruff. Add a couple of drops to your regular shampoo and you are well on your way to improving your scalp and the overall look of your hair. This oil increases shine and repairs split ends as well.

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Inflammation No Match For Borage Oil

A natural substance that provides a strong anti-inflammatory from the high levels of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), borage oil comes from the seeds of evening primrose and borage plants. It typically can’t be found in necessary amounts in foods common in the human diet. This requires supplementation. With specific consumption of the oil, it makes using this powerful and impacting oil all the easier. Here are some of the ways in which this oil can be a staple presence in your medicine cabinet.

Anti-Inflammation Aid

Inflammation can be one of the toughest things to deal with. It can occur and manifest in many different ways and cause illness and exacerbate already current issues. Luckily the polyunsaturated fatty acid present in borage oil helps to release specific molecules that combat the body’s inflammatory responses. There is also an acid within this oil called dihomo-y-linolenic acid that also helps to dismantle inflammation. So those who suffer with inflammation-based issues such as arthritis and respiratory disorders can find some relief with this oil. Just a few drops applied to the problem area and rubbed in will provide some much needed relief.

Skin Disorders

The anti-inflammation properties of this oil are so wonderful that it makes for a great aid for skin issues as well. Whether you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, acne or other skin issues, this oil will help to mitigate the swelling and inflammation that comes with these issues. One of the most difficult elements of dealing with these skin conditions is how painful and intense the inflammation can get. Borage oil helps to combat this very frustrating struggle.

Lowers Fat Accumulation

If you are worried about gaining weight, like many of us are, you may want to start incorporating food-grade borage oil into your recipes. There is evidence that shows the GLA within the oil helps to lessen the likelihood of the accumulation of body fat. Many people aren’t aware that the way fats are stored in the body differs. That brown fat, which is the result of GLA, benefits the body and keeps you leaner than the accumulation of white fat. White fat is typically triggered by those unhealthy foods that we crave. Foods high in trans-fat and other unhealthy fats will only drag you further away from your weight-loss goals.

Cancer Fighting

Trying to ascertain what will fight and defeat the monster that is cancer can be scary. Taking care of our bodies and filling them with antioxidant-rich foods and things that will help to prevent cancerous cells from taking hold is important. Luckily borage seed oil contains anti-mutagenic properties within its compositional makeup that allow it to fight against cancerous cells. With such a deadly and pervasive ailment, it’s critical that we exhaust all of the options possible to use in order to fight cancer in all of its forms.

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What Is Meadowsweet?

There are several plants in the wild that grow languidly that we have likely been seeing for most of our lives. One of those plants could be the sweetly smelling meadowsweet. Traditionally, the plant was used to get rid of the unpleasant smells in old buildings and factories. With a scientific name like Filipendula ulmaria, it has also been known to be used in vinegar, mead and wines. Found in specific parts of Asia, North America and Europe it has been used as an ornament to a functional part of a garden. Luckily for us, it also has healing properties that make it a great element to incorporate into your life.

Provides Pain Relief

Because of the intrinsic anti-inflammatory elements within the plant, it has been used to treat mild aches and pains, arthritis and even headaches. The Native Americans would mash the root of the plant into a concoction and place it on the area of discomfort. It can even be used on gout or bouts of eczema. Due to the salicylate content, the amount of inflammation that you may be experiencing will dissipate in the presence of this amazing plant. The analgesic properties will help the discomfort.

Aids Digestion

If you are suffering with the way your stomach sometimes acts after you eat certain foods, you want to try this very impressive oil out. Meadowsweet is known to help tummy troubles that begin with digestion and can turn into stress-related issues like ulcers. Studies have shown that the components in meadowsweet help to promote the healthy flow of your digestive juices and can even be found to prevent and heal lesions within the stomach that can cause very serious issues.

Fever Breaker

Due to the analgesic properties that are found within the plant, using it is a great way to break a fever. If you are feeling feverish or under the weather – hot and cold flashes, chills and general lethargy – try rubbing some of the meadowsweet on the bottom of your feet. Your fever will then be drawn out from your feet and you should start to feel better in a couple of hours. If you are feeling specific aches and pains, you can also topically treat them with the powerful and impressive meadowsweet.

Respiratory Issues And Colds

When that seasonal sniffle comes around, there’s no need to inundate yourself with cold medicine and cough drops. Many of the over-the-counter medicines are often filled with additives and preservatives that you don’t want to ingest. Opt to go the natural route with plants like meadowsweet that can help with congestion, sore throats, coughing and even the wheezing that asthmatics suffer from. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of the plant help to clear the pathways for clearer, better breathing and also help to take stress and pressure off the lungs and throat. Having trouble breathing is not a very fun experience and this plant can help to make it a distant memory.

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Okra Oil And How it Works

The vegetable okra is used in many traditionally Caribbean dishes and has incredible health benefits. It is often found in certain parts of the Middle East, South America and Africa. In certain cultures it is known as lady’s fingers and comes from large-leafed perennial plants. From a traditionally generational standpoint, the vegetable has been used for medicinal purposes for quite some time. In the Congo, it was even used in the safe delivery of babies. Here are some key ways that okra oil can be used.

Sore Throat

Historically, boiled okra used to be prescribed for someone who was suffering from a sore, irritated throat. When you notice a tickle in the back of your throat, it’s best to get ahead of it before it turns into full-blown sickness. Taking over-the-counter cough syrup and throat lozenges sometimes doesn’t do the trick, it’s expensive and many of those products have ingredients in them that are less than ideal. Instead, you can use a couple of drops of okra oil in warm water as a salt gargle. Do this up to three times a day and you’ll find your throat returning back to normal in no time.

Digestive Aid

Whether you eat too much around the holidays or family barbeques get the best of you, while eating is fun, it doesn’t always have a fun effect. Digestive issues plague most of us because of the ubiquitous nature of food and the proximity we have to food that is unhealthy for us. This can cause much discomfort in our gut and lead to other more serious health problems. Ensuring we have a gut that is healthy and digests food properly is so imperative. If you are suffering from indigestion, cramping or general tummy troubles, try rubbing a bit of okra oil on your lower abdomen. It will help activate your digestive juices and quell your symptoms.

Skin Healer

The nutrients within okra oil are known to help promote quick healing. This is essential if you are suffering from acne, scars, or eczema. The presence of antioxidants makes this a great addition to your skin care routine. The constant battle that skin has to go through with the environment, unbeknownst to us, can be quite taxing on the skin. Okra oil helps to tackle those free radicals that can do serious damage to our skin and complexion by ruining skin cells.

Immune System

The immune system is central in guarding our bodies and health from so many potential threats out there. Whether it’s viruses, bacteria, or a whole host of other things, we can sometimes forget that our health is determined by how our immune system functions. To ensure that your health is properly guarded, it’s important to take excellent care of your immune system. Antioxidants help that, as do vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C. The presence of these helps increase your white blood cell count which combats foreign materials and pathogens from impacting your body or system at all.

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