THP Rewards – Frequently Asked Questions

THP Customer Rewards – Frequently Asked Questions


What are THP Customer Rewards and how do I get them?
As a THP Customer Rewards Member, you’ll automatically receive rewards points anytime you place an order, and anytime someone whom you refer places an order. One rewards point = $1.00 in purchasing power that you may use to apply as discounts on your future purchases.
How many points will I get when I purchase or refer others to purchase?
You’ll receive different amounts of points depending on how much you and your friends purchase. Click on the “Rewards Earnings Chart” button at the top of your rewards account to see a full breakdown of how many points you’ll earn at each level.
How do I use my points?
During checkout, you’ll have an opportunity to use some, none, or all of your points balance. Each point will give you a $1.00 discount off your product order total. Click here to go to your rewards account and click the “How to Redeem Your Points” tab for more details.
Do I get points on my referral’s repeat orders?
Yes. When you refer someone and they make a purchase, their account is linked to your account for rewards points, so that you’ll get points every time they place an order in the future; they’ll be linked to you for life.
Will my points ever expire?
Points don’t have an expiration date, but they do max out at 300. So be sure to use points anytime you get close to reaching the 300 point maximum.
I’m a THP affiliate. Can I be a rewards member too?
Affiliates cannot be rewards members, and rewards members cannot be affiliates. If you are currently an affiliate and would like to be a rewards member instead (or vice versa), please email or call us at 1-888-423-7500.
I have more than enough points to cover the cost of my order. Why am I still being charged for shipping and/or tax?
Points cover product costs only and not shipping/handling or applicable tax.
Can I redeem my points for cash or a check?
Points have no cash value and can only be applied as a discount toward a THP purchase.

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