Nutrient-Dense Smoothies

Meal prep can be a useful aide in the weight loss goal or nutritional goals one may set for life. This can be done many ways, but with summer right around the corner we have our mind set on one thing: smoothies! No matter your reason, packing a smoothie with your favorite fruits and vegetables is a great way to get those nutrients your body needs but may not be getting from your day-to-day diet.

The average amount of fruits and vegetables an adult needs is between 5-9 servings, which can be difficult to achieve for some people. Whether you’re on the go, busy with your growing family, or just tired from your routine, it can be hard to eat enough of the good foods your body craves for energy. Instead we reach for quick snacks like chips, pretzels, snack bars, cookies, or drinks that give us energy. The problem here is that these are considered “empty” calories. They also make you feel full but have little nutritional value. Yes, they are fast and easy, but are there any health risks?

Instead of processed foods, having a fresh produce intake can up your energy naturally, make you feel less sluggish, and encourage healthy cell regeneration throughout your body. Why reach for the chips when your “ready-to-go” smoothie can be just as easily accessible?

Sometimes, meal prep seems like it takes quite a bit of time and effort, but if you set aside just a few hours for one day, you’ll have your whole week prepped and you don’t have to think about it after that!

These smoothies took us 2 hours to wash, cut, peel, blend, and pour into their containers. This recipe made 8, 8-ounce containers. If you were to drink 2 a day, you have your full week’s worth of servings.

Lastly, this method is tried and true for hiding veggies that you may not like. If you have family members who are picky eaters, or you just can’t stand certain tastes or textures, smoothies are a sure way to get your greens in your diet.


Green Smoothie


2 cups frozen baby spinach

2 cups frozen kale

2 cucumbers, peeled and chopped

2 cups frozen broccoli crowns

2 Granny Smith apples, peeled and chopped

4 kiwis, peeled and sliced

16oz Kale Blazer, Naked Brand juice**

16oz Green Goodness, Bolthouse Farms brand juice**

**No endorsements were given for any brand names used. These were personal preference for taste. Feel free to use any organic fruit juice of your choice.**

5 Tips To Lose Weight

lose weight tipsThose who struggle to lose weight have heard the same advice again and again to shed the pounds: eat right and exercise. While this advice is sound and effective, it can sometimes be much more difficult than it sounds. There can potentially be factors that interfere with the effectiveness of those two suggestions – things like family history or medication. Listed below are some unusual and uncommonly mentioned ways to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Use A Smaller Blue Plate

This is an interesting suggestion that actually has a lot of basis in scientific findings. There are certain colors that promote feelings of hunger. Colors like red and yellow are often used for fast food logos for this very reason. But using the color blue around the food you eat will help you get full faster. Using a plate that’s smaller will help aid in portion control. When we use bigger plates, we are naturally inclined to pile more food onto them.

Sit In The Sauna

Sweating doesn’t always have to come from physical exertion. Just sitting in a steam room can potentially burn a large amount of calories – especially if you frequent a sauna on a continual basis. This may serve as a good extra bit of sweating on top of the work out you already do, or a way to burn calories if too much rigorous movement is simply just not your thing.

Take Vitamins

Many people hold on to fat and unnecessary weight because they lack the proper minerals and vitamins that the body needs for optimal functioning. There are quite a few vitamins that have been known to help shed pounds. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and calcium are all vitamins that have been linked to weight loss. Sometimes those extra five or 10 pounds are holding on because our body doesn’t have the right level of nutrients.

Sleep In A Cold Room

Oddly enough, when we sleep in a properly ventilated, cool room it actually promotes deeper sleep which helps regulate our metabolism and burns more calories, then when we have fretful, warm sleep. Those who are sleep deprived are more likely to struggle with losing weight and often retain weight. Deep sleep promotes rest, which promotes the internal functioning of the body to work as it should. This includes being able to shed those extra pounds.


This is a great tactic to not only improve your lungs and the level of oxygen you obtain, but also one that promotes your metabolism functioning as it should and was designed to. There is a very specific pattern of deep breathing that promotes the shedding of pounds. Inhale through the nose and count to four, hold for a count of seven and then exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of eight. Repeat four times.

Is Weight Loss Your New Year’s Resolution?

As the over-eating and drinking from the holidays draws to a close, many people will list diet, weight loss and exercise as their New Year’s resolutions. But, most will soon realize that staying with a diet and exercise plan is challenging – especially if it involves losing unwanted inches.

Personal trainer Kisar Dhillon offers some extra tips to conquer those resolutions.

Plan A Course Of Action

If every goal is approached with a shoot from the hip mentality, then a person is setting themselves up for failure. In order to stand a chance – “Plan the work and work the plan.”

Announce Your Goal

Tell five people the goals that are going to be achieved, but they are going to ask, remind and care if they are being achieved or not! If these individuals are let down because the goals that are set forth are not achieved, they will not only be disappointed, but integrity is on the line. These are the types of supporters that should be in everyone’s corner. Integrity is everything so put it all on the line, because if a person really wants to make it happen, it will come to fruition!

Set The Action In Motion

If no action is taken, then nothing is going to happen. Have the intention to make it happen and the mechanism will follow!

Surrender To The Process

If it is a health and fitness goal, then surrendering to the process is the best thing any person can do. When surrendering is done, a person is letting a personal trainer or fitness professional know that they are here to take it to the next level and help is needed.

Enjoy The Experience

Have fun with the entire process because it is not only a learning experience, but the lessons learned can be applied to all areas of a person’s life.

Making goals and resolutions are a lot of fun. It gives a person the opportunity to live outside of their comfort zone and rise up to the challenge. When the challenges get too risky, it is always okay to seek the advice and counseling of a professional. Just because someone hires a personal trainer does not necessarily mean they are giving up. If a person can identify where help is needed and they know how to improve, then they are already ahead of the game.

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Lap Band Reps Have Doctor Fired For Warning Patients About Surgery Risk

Gastric band surgery has recently overtaken gastric bypass among many people looking to lose weight via surgical procedure. It’s less invasive, it’s quicker, and it can be reversed. Not to say it isn’t without its side effects, which may include (and has included) death from complications. Luckily, there are some doctors who understand these risks, and make sure that patients are aware of them before proceeding. Neelu Pal, an Indian immigrant, is one of these doctors. Well, she WAS one of these doctors.


Pal was a surgical resident at New York University Medical Center until recently. She couldn’t help but notice that a larger than normal number of patients were coming through the doors with weight issues, and being sent right back out with gastric bands. Knowing the risks involved, she began to call patients before their scheduled surgery dates to inform them of such risks. When her supervisors found out about this, she was promptly fired and essentially prohibited from practicing medicine in the United States.


Here’s where it gets a little murkier. Pal’s supervisors, Christine Ren and George Fielding are paid consultants for Allergan Inc. This is the company that manufactures “Lap-Band”, the brand name gastric band that holds well over half of the market, which is estimated to be nearly a $400 million industry. So to break this down, we have paid consultants for a lap band manufacturer running a medical facility, and firing a doctor who advises patients of the risks of surgery involving her supervisor’s products. Supervisors who have already been under fire for falsifying data on patients, and refusing to address other patients post operation complications. Complications like lack of urination, leading to toxicity, leading to death.


Pal has said that an estimated 30 gastric band procedures were performed daily at NYU Medical Center. Since being fired she has filed suit against NYU Medical, and enrolled in law school.



The 5 Must-See Pit Stops on the Road to Weight Loss

The 5 Must-See Pit Stops on the Road to Weight Loss

Diet trends come and go as frequently as the sun rises and sets. Each one has such amazing benefits in the early stages, but quickly seems to fizzle and fade all the while producing negative byproducts. Different diets work for different people, but no matter which one works for you there are a few simple facts that are beneficial across the board.


Eat Slower

Untamed lightning is pretty fast, but did you know that it takes 20 minutes or more for the electrical signals that signify fullness to travel from your stomach to your brain? When you eat faster, you eat more. You’re likely to overshoot your calorie goals by leaps and bounds if you don’t take your time. There are plenty of other negative effects from eating too quickly ranging from simple indigestion to far more serious long term issues in your digestive system. If you eat slower, you chew slower and you’re likely to eat less.

Crash Diets

Crash and fasting diets can provide quick results, but the effects don’t often last. When you lower your calorie intake to the degree that most of these call for, you significantly lower your rate of metabolism. It works for a while, and makes perfect sense: if you have fewer calories to burn, you’ll burn them more slowly. However, once you’re satisfied with your rapid weight loss and end the diet your body retains that rate of metabolism. Therein lies the problem. You return to eating as you did before, but your body’s metabolism stays at the same slow rate and the pounds will likely pile back on.

Skipping Meals

It may make sense at first thought that skipping a meal here and there will provide the same result as eating less. This is another case of “great in theory, poor in execution”. Skipping meals (especially breakfast) can lead to results similar to the crash diet. If you skip a meal early in the day you’ll be likely to snack more frequently and lose track of those calories you’ve been keeping watch over. Frequent, smaller meals or snacks are a great way to maintain your metabolism and curb hunger.

Frequent Weigh-Ins

“Patience is a virtue” has never been truer than when it comes to trying to lose weight. Weighing yourself every day while dieting is something akin to watching paint dry, or watching interest being gained on an investment minute by minute. No matter how successful you may end up being, constantly checking in will never show you the results you’re looking for. Space out your weigh-ins according to what your goal is and you’re sure to be happier with the numbers you’ll see.

Set Realistic Goals

When starting a diet it’s of vital importance to have a realistic goal in mind. Whether it’s a long term or weekly goal, put it within reach. Give yourself a challenge, but one you can defeat. With this mindset you’ll be more likely to celebrate your success and continue doing what works best. If you set out telling yourself that you’re going to lose 25 lbs in your first week, it will have more chance of also being your last.

4 Diet Tips That The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

1.  Lose Weight Without Dieting.  Seriously.

Cutting down salt and excess sodium could help you shed pounds without even being on a diet.  When your intake of sodium is too high, your body retains more water. This can cause up to seven pounds of extra fluid to be kept in the body. Food servings should have somewhere between 200-400 milligrams of sodium to avoid overdoing it.  You can get rid of a bloated feeling and appearance just by limiting the salt. If you’re exercising, drink water instead of sports drinks as they can contain the same amount of sodium as a can of soda.


2. Get. More. Sleep.

More and more research points to a link between sleep deprivation and obesity. One of the simplest facts is that if you’re up later, you’re more likely to overeat. Another fact is that when your body is deprived of sleep it changes the levels of hormones that have to do with how full you feel, leptin and ghrelin.  If you get more rest you’re also more likely to have more energy, which will benefit you when implementing an exercise plan.


3. Crave Control

The next time you have a hankering for that favorite high calorie treat of yours, curb the craving with your mind. Think of a food that you absolutely hate, and then imagine eating them both together. Let your imagination run wild with it, but to really hammer it home, focus on the taste and texture and you’ll likely forget that you ever wanted that brownie.


4. Dine Out Without Gaining

You can eat out and keep from gaining weight by following a few simple rules. Try asking for the lunch portion, or choosing an appetizer instead of the larger dinner portions.  This will likely guarantee you more of a single serving portion. Ask for a to go box with your order and pack up half of your entree before you even start eating. Some places will even let you order half of the order to go when it’s served. Limit starches by skipping the bread before your meal, but if you can’t resist the temptation then try to steer clear of potatoes or rice that may come with your meal.