The Drawback Of Corn Oil

While we usually make it a habit of introducing different types of oils that you may not be familiar with and highlighting all of the many benefits associated with them, we also want to bring your attention the aspects of certain oils or ingredients you readily use that are actually harmful.

Corn oil is one of the oils that has had numerous studies show it can be harmful in large, consistently consumed quantities. While it is high in healthy, polyunsaturated fatty acids and provides a stabilization against oxidation when cooking, it does have some specific drawbacks as well. Here are three dangers associated with corn oil.

Inflammatory Fatty Acids

While many of the oils that we talk about have restorative and anti-inflammatory properties, this one actually has the exact opposite. While it is rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, which are notoriously helpful and good for the body, they are also high in omega 6 fats and low in omega 3 fats which are preferable.

The recommended ratio of polyunsaturated fats should be 4 to 1 in order for our bodies to perform and function they way they’re meant to. The inflammatory elements of omega 6’s can lead to inflammatory diseases if they are consumed at a higher rate than the other, healthier fats. These types of diseases can include arthritis and even heart disease.

Cancer Risk

Omega 6 fats have also been known to accelerate the growth of cancerous cells. There was research done in 2007 that showed this example in relation to prostate tumor cells. It found that the fatty acids of the omega 6 variety that come from corn oil can both cause and spread the presence of cancer cells.

Similar results were found in a study conducted in 2010 which shows that arachidonic acid can be positively affected by the better and healthy omega 3s, but corn oil is very low in those healthy omegas so a counter balance cannot effectively exist the way it needs to in order to make a real positive impact or difference. Thus, cancerous cells may have a breeding ground if you don’t watch the amount of this oil you cook with or consume.

Weight Gain

While many people don’t understand that not all fat is bad and not all fat will cause you to gain weight, there are specific types of fats that will. Over 60% of Americans suffer from being overweight. What many don’t know is how to differentiate between the healthy fats and the bad fats. Unfortunately, corn oil is full of bad fats. When mice were given a choice between corn oil and sugar or carbs, many of the mice chose corn oil which lead to them overeating the oil and gaining a massive amount of weight.

It’s imperative that we don’t consume too much of anything but especially those foods and oils that can be potentially harmful to our bodies and our health. Opt for an oil with healthier types of fat like coconut, avocado or macadamia nut oil.

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4 Every Day Foods That Could Kill You

Microwave popcorn

Chemicals that can be found in the lining of the bag itself have been linked to human infertility, and in animal testing they have caused various types of cancer including liver, pancreatic, and testicular. Studies have shown that the process of microwaving can cause these chemicals to vaporize and therefore migrate into your popcorn.


Milk produced with artificial hormones

Some, but not all dairy farmers treat their cattle with growth hormones to increase milk production, and thereby profits. These hormones can also increase infections and because of that, possibly even pus in the milk. This also increases production of insulin like hormones in the milk which can contribute to colon, breast, and prostate cancers in humans.


White flour

All of the good nutrients in flour are removed during processing, and then it is bleached with a chemical agent that is very similar to the same bleach you use in cleaning and laundry. Some vitamins get added in the final processes, and it’s passed off as “enriched”. What most people don’t know is that this so called “enriched” flour can cause increases in blood sugar that rival refined sugar.


Vegetable oils

For a long time the experts have told us how much healthier and beneficial oils like canola, corn, and soy are. The problem with this lies in their transformation into cooking oils. This process includes heavy refinement that can make them oxidized and therefore toxic. A much healthier option is coconut oil, which does not oxidize. For higher heats try grapeseed oil, or extra virgin olive oil for light cooking.