Orange Oil Preparation

The essential oils of the orange are taken from the bright orange peel. This outer peel of citrus fruits is called the flavedo and it is covered with tiny glands. Each gland contains one drop of essential oil. To extract the organic oil, the peel must be physically broken open. The main components of orange oil are somewhat different between a sweet orange and a bitter orange oil.

Expression Or Cold Pressing

Expression refers to the process of slowly breaking down orange peel under mechanical pressure to release the oils from the glands of the peel. This process uses ecuelle a piquer, or an apparatus designed to extract oils from fruit rinds. It began in France as a bowl lined with needles to prick the fruit’s peel, and a funnel to collect the released oils. It has been modernized to accommodate commercial practices, but uses the same principles of poking and agitating the rind.

Bitter orange oils are obtained via cold pressing. Cold pressed means that the oil was expressed at a low temperature. The low temperature preserves the volatile oil, which provides the rich scent of the plant. The best yield from orange rinds appears to come when the peel has been dried first.

The oil that is collected will range in composition, depending on the how mature the plant was and which variety of orange was used. All varieties of orange produce volatile oils that are very rich in the monoterpene hydrocarbon limonene. The flavor of the oil comes from its sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. Hesperidin and other flavonoids are abundant in the peels, but they break down quickly during processing. 

Distillation Extraction

Distillation extraction means exposing a plant to water or steam to break down the plant material and release the essential oil. The oils are cooled and condensed for collection. Distillation is used for orange extraction, using either the whole fruit or the peel.

Steam distilled orange peel oil will not contain the waxy residue that a cold-pressed oil would contain. This makes them less likely to clog oil diffusers, stain fabric and, as they are less biologically active, extends the shelf life. Distillation also allows the fucouramins to be removed from orange oils.

Furocoumarins have been found to be photocarcinogenic, which means that when these compounds are exposed to light, they can cause mutations in cells that lead to cancer. This helps with leave-on skin products that might be scented with orange oil. The toxicity is not observed in wash away products, but there is some evidence that drinking orange juice regularly causes the photosensitivity that can lead to skin cancer. 

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Patchouli Essential Oil Helps Skin And Hair

This oil is naturally sweet and rich in aroma, and it isn’t hard to discern based on scent alone. It has been known to have a very positive effect on the mind and body. Its amazing effects on both the skin and the hair are particularly remarkable. Due to its skin-friendly properties, it works on many different types of skin. Whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin, dry or combination, patchouli oil can definitely protect and improve the state of your skin. Its intrinsic components that allow it to be so great for skin: it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative.

One of the main ingredients for healthy skin and an overall good sense of health comes from our ability to manage stress well. Stress can literally kill, but more common than that, it can wreak havoc on the skin and face. How many times have you looked at a person and – based on their skin or eyes – thought they looked overwhelmed and stressed out? That’s because stress manifests itself through how we look on the outside. Patchouli oil has the ability to work from the inside out as it can calm your mind; its sedative properties promote relaxation. Adding a couple of drops to an oil burner or a diffuser will help you to alleviate the stress you are struggling with.

The oil can also be incredibly effective topically, especially if you suffer from dry, cracked or peeling skin. Due to the moisturizing elements within the oil, it makes for a great way to treat skin that needs some extra hydration and care. It is naturally antimicrobial and anti-fungal which means that it’s great for skin infections. If you notice you have a boil or acne or even athlete’s foot, mix a bit of high-grade patchouli essential oil with a carrier oil of some sort; coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil are all good choices. Rub it on your skin thoroughly. Don’t be concerned about using it on your face if you happen to suffer from oily skin. This type of oil will actually help calm it. Most skin that is oily produces too much oil because it’s actually dry and not properly moisturized.

If you are starting to notice a general thinning of your hair, or specific balding spots, you may want to try this oil out. It has been shown to help reverse the signs of hair loss and helps to trigger hair growth. Want long, luscious and healthy hair? This is the oil you need to start incorporating into your hair care regimen.

If you are a person who suffers from dandruff or an oily scalp, you can treat your scalp directly with this oil to clear up those issues. A couple of drops in your shampoo will do the trick. So will parting your hair and oiling your scalp directly. The antiseptic and antimicrobial elements within the oil are no match for those pesky flakes or hair that falls limp from too much unhealthy oil production.

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Better Skin With Cubeb Essential Oil

Virtually unknown to many, cubeb essential oil has a plethora of properties that make it an effective and powerful oil. It has therapeutic benefits that help usher it into a realm that can be multifaceted and successfully used for many different issues. Historically, cubeb essential oil was used in both Chinese and Ayurveda healing practices which utilized many different herbs to heal and treat issues. What we are now learning is the ability these type of herbs have in our current world.

The cubeb is a small seed-like fruit that comes from a plant known as the piper cubeba. The fruit is known as a tailed pepper or a Java pepper. Found traditionally in Indonesia and Sumatra, the essential oil is steam distilled from the dried part of the fruit. It was introduced to parts of Arab countries and Europe in the 1600s. Since then it has found its way all throughout western civilization in some lesser known pockets. Its smell is reminiscent of traditional black pepper and allspice. Its taste has remnants of those elements as well and would be used to flavor cigars and liquor.

One of the key ways that this oil helps to target and improve skin is by warding off the signs of aging. It does this because it has such a high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants do a tremendous job of protecting the cells that can often be damaged by the oxidation that the skin suffers from the environment, toxins and the sun. Fortunately, cubeb essential oil also helps to protect our vulnerable and sensitive skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that cause dark spots and premature signs of aging.

Astringent And Antiseptic Qualities

The components within this oil are also fantastic to help the firming of the skin. Due to its astringent properties, it helps to tighten the muscles and skin that help to prevent sagging and keeps it taut and youthful looking. You can add this oil into your daily regimen and watch how your skin starts to take on a firmness and delicacy that it didn’t have before. You can add a couple of drops to your daily cleanser or your toner and after a week or so. You’ll definitely see a distinction and improvement in the way your skin looks and feels.

Due to its antiseptic qualities, it can also help to clean skin and promote the process of healing. A tiny wound that isn’t treated properly can sometimes lead to something disastrous from simple lack of care. With cubeb essential oil, you can ensure that your cut, scrape or gash is properly cleaned thus eliminating any chance of infections that can fester when bacteria has access to open wounds. Not only will the oil help to stop any type of infection from forming by providing a protective layer around the skin, it will also help to speed up the healing process. A cut that would take a week to heal completely will be healed in a matter of days after you treat it with cubeb oil. That’s how well skin responds to the oil.

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Various Uses Of Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage is an essential oil that has a lengthy history of being a go-to oil for many medicinal needs. Its original name is salvia sclarea and it is known as an antiseptic, anti-convulsive, antidepressant, antispasmodic, anti-fungal and astringent. It comes from a perennial herb that grows during the middle of the year. Originally found in parts of Central Asia and North Africa, it was first discovered in the Mediterranean. Here are some key benefits associated with this potent and effective oil.

Relieves Menstrual Symptoms

Once a month, many women experience symptoms that completely throw them off of their game. Menstruation is the cause of unsavory symptoms such as irritability, cramps, food cravings and bloating. Clary sage is a great way to combat these uncomfortable interrupters because it manages to balance the hormone levels in a natural way. It can also be used in this way to help stimulate the system. Due to its antispasmodic qualities, it’s perfect for those painful cramps that can sometimes force some women to stay in bed. Mix a couple of drops of the oil with coconut oil and rub it on your lower belly and back.

Supports Hormone Balance

As stated above, this oil is known for its ability to balance out of whack hormones. Many times, those who deal with hormone imbalances aren’t even aware that is what is causing their distress and unease. Our diets, our environment, even what we put on our skin, deeply affect our hormone production and excretion. An imbalance is more common than many people realize. High levels of estrogen are linked to polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian cancer. Add this oil to your daily lotions or body butters to help regulate any out of balance hormones.

Treats Insomnia

Having a difficult time getting to sleep can be something that’s really difficult to manage. If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep and you’ve tried countless other suggestions just to get some rest, but to no avail, try a bit of clary sage. Due to the sedative properties within the oil, it can help to promote a calm and relaxing response in the body that makes it much easier to fall into a restful and restorative sleep. Try adding a couple of drops to a diffuser or rubbing some on your wrists before bed.

Improves Circulation

Lack of proper circulation can be something that affects many different parts of the body – especially the organs and the brain. As blood attempts to be pumped through arteries, any type of inflammation or elevated blood pressure can cause discomfort and have long-term, negative effects. Clary sage is great for lowering blood pressure so mixing it with a bit of almond oil and lavender oil can provide a nice blend that both relaxes your mind and your internal system as well. Inhalation is one of the key ways to use this oil. Just a whiff of it will have the receptors in the brain reacting in a way that is productive for the body.

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Key Skin Benefits Of Neem Tree Oil

Neem tree oil is incredibly powerful and effective in many different ways. While Neem trees are native to specific parts of India, they can also be found elsewhere. One of the most odorous of the essential oils, neem tree oil tends to require dilution because its scent is very strong and pungent. Many individuals don’t particularly enjoy the smell of the oil. Many parts of the neem tree are used in the cultivation of the oil that is extracted from it. That includes leaves, flowers, fruits, branches and even the roots. Here are the top benefits associated with neem oil.


Neem tree oil is a tremendous oil to use on skin. Because of its nutrient-rich components, it’s perfect to incorporate into your skin care routine if anti-aging is your main objective. High levels of antioxidants will protect the skin from the free radicals that tend to age the skin in many different ways. Are you suffering from skin that is starting to look drab or sagging? This is likely caused by a combination of free radicals in the environment, skin care routine and diet. Add a couple of drops of neem oil into your cleanser or toner for renewed and supple skin.


If you are struggling with breakouts and find that new blemishes pop up almost every day, we understand just how frustrating that can be. Acne has a way of really infringing upon your confidence and self esteem. The way that your skin looks can give you an extra pep in your step, or it can make you feel like cowering in a corner. Due to its cleansing abilities, neem oil is perfect for skin that is prone to breaking out. It removes bad bacteria from the skin that often causes the breakouts in the first place. It’s also great for treating those scars that acne tends to leave behind due to the high fatty acid content within the oil.

Relieves Eczema

One of the most common skin conditions is eczema. It affects sufferers in varying degrees. Some barely notice when they are having a flare-up, while others can’t hide it if they tried. Due to its amount of vitamin E, eczema is quickly penetrated by neem tree oil. This helps to treat the affected skin by restoring a protective barrier around and on the skin. Neem oil can help in reducing inflammation and healing the abrasions that sometimes result in the itching that eczema causes. This skin condition often results in redness, swelling, and irritation. Neem tree oil can directly address all of those symptoms.

Fights Fungus

Things like athlete’s foot, nail fungus and ring worm don’t stand a chance against this powerful oil. The anti-fungal properties within it will stop fungus growth in its tracks. As soon as you suspect even a tinge of a problem, use neem tree oil instead of the over-the-counter creams. It’s much safer and much more effective.

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Surprising Spruce Oil Benefits

This particular oil comes from a tree that grows to be very tall, sometimes upwards of 100 to 200 feet. The spruce tree was originally found in the North America region. The oil that this tree yields is powerful and tremendous in a whole host of ways.

The needles and twigs are distilled through a process that uses steam. Many attribute the smell of spruce oil to that of a Christmas tree. It can be both simultaneously elevating and calming. Due to these effects it can often be used in meditative and yoga spaces to set a balanced atmosphere. Here are some other benefits spruce oil can provide that may surprise you.

Improve Memory And Concentration

Do you sometimes battle with being able to really focus on the task at hand? Do you sometimes feel like you are easily distracted and can’t get done what you need to? That’s a common occurrence that can be caused by many different factors. Spruce oil can help sharpen your memory and increase your mental acuity. Inhale some of the oil through deep breaths 10 minutes before you start working on a big project or studying for a test.

Aids Muscle Spasms

This oil can be used for issues that you may encounter with your muscles. Whether you are dealing with soreness due to a new workout routine or due to your overall activity level, this oil can help protect your muscles and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing. It can also be used if you accidentally tweak a joint. Depending on the severity of the injury, you can even treat a small sprain with a bit of spruce oil and jojoba oil. Naturally a pain reliever, spruce is a great oil to have on hand.

Digestive Aid

If you sometimes deal with inflammation after consuming a big meal, you aren’t alone. Many people deal with relative discomfort in their tummy when they eat too much of the wrong thing. Your digestion is something that can sometimes be a bit complicated to navigate. This oil is a great one to have nearby in the event you find yourself bloated or incredibly gassy. Just a couple of drops of spruce oil, mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on your stomach, will help with the digestive issues you may be experiencing.

Boosts Energy

If you struggle with feeling lethargic and it’s hard for you to muster up the type of energy you need for specific tasks, this oil can help increase your energy. Lack of drive and energy can be a result of many different issues. One of the most common side effects of many different health conditions, both physical and mental, is fatigue. If you find it difficult to get the energy to do specific daily tasks, this is an oil that you’ll want to try. It’s great at eliminating pesky fatigue and providing clarity from mental pressure that often overwhelm us. Try a couple of drops in a diffuser or even soak a cotton ball with spruce oil and place it at your desk or working station.

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Cypriol Oil: How It Helps

Derived from the root of the cyperus scariosus plant, which is indigenous to India, the oil that is drawn from this plant is amber colored and often used for aromatherapy purposes. One of the most common ways that essential oil is introduced to those who are unfamiliar is through aromatherapy uses, however, there are a ton of medicinal reasons that essential oils, such as cyriol, can be beneficial on a daily basis. Here are some of the key ways that this oil can help very common ailments and problems.


If you suffer from your fair share of coughs, colds or other congestion issues, this oil can definitely be a godsend for you. No one wants to have trouble breathing or to struggle fighting a pesky cough that just won’t let go. During cold and flu season, having this oil around is a definite good idea. When the first bit of congestion starts or that tickle in your throat gets your attention, whip this oil out. Mix it with a bit of tea tree oil and coconut oil before rubbing it on your chest. You’ll notice that it acts almost identical to the famous Vicks vapor rub by clearing out and opening up your nasal passages and airways.


There’s no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on facial creams and lotions that promise you clear skin but rarely ever deliver. Specific essential oils are the best anecdote for troublesome skin that seems to constantly be plagued by acne. Cypriol essential oil has oil regulating effects within its compounds that make it easy to control the bad oil that tends to lead to breakouts. The latent antibacterial aspect of the oil is also great for helping to eliminate acne and breakouts while increasing the healthy condition of your skin.

Stress Reliever

One of the key ways that we damage our own health is by not managing our stress levels the way that we should. This means that we become overworked, frazzled and don’t take the time to unwind and unpack our minds. Our ambiance and environment can either help that or it can hinder it. Thankfully, with cypriol essential oil, your stress levels can be directly helped simply by smelling the spicy fragrant oil. Just a couple of drops in a diffuser will positively impact your mood by changing the way your nervous system reacts in that very moment. It can even help digestive issues that can sometimes be brought on by stress like diarrhea, upset stomach or appetite loss.

Heals Wounds

When you suffer from a cut or a scratch, it’s imperative that you treat it right away to prevent the occurrence of infection or fungal growth. Due to it’s antiseptic qualities, this oil is a great oil to treat even the smallest nicks and cuts. Historically, before the presence of the oil, a paste made from the root itself would be used to treat cuts and open wounds. Now, a couple of drops of the oil will do.

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Pelagonium Graveolens AKA Geranium Oil

There are many ways that the essential oil geranium can be helpful and aid in dealing with different types of issues. Firstly, it is incredibly common in the aromatherapy realm, and as such, is often added to diffusers and incorporated into oil blends, as it has a positive effect on the body through mere inhalation. It can very positively impact the emotional and mental health of those who breathe in its fragrant and powerful aroma. There are a number of other ways that this oil can be beneficial when incorporated into daily life.

Reduces Wrinkles

That’s right, this oil is great for the skin for many different reasons. One of which is that it targets those fine lines and wrinkles that have a way of easily creeping onto the face. Due to its astringent powers, it naturally tightens the skin on your face, which is the most susceptible to signs of aging and wrinkles. You can add a couple of drops of the oil into your daily face lotion and apply it in the morning and at night. You’ll start to notice a difference after a couple of weeks.

Tones Muscles

Are you constantly worried about your flabby stomach or sagging arms? While exercise and diet are two key components of getting the body you want, remember, hard work does pay off. Geranium oil can also help a bit. Its astringent properties are known to help tone those problem areas that you fret over. Add a few drops of geranium oil into a carrier oil like jojoba oil to make a powerful massage oil that will help tone and tighten your muscles even when you aren’t actively engaging them.

Fights Infections

The immune system that is weak is susceptible to many different infections and issues. This is why any type of essential oil that can help increase your immune system responses and health is one that you’ll want to keep around. Because of geranium’s antibacterial properties, it’s a great oil to help combat issues with infections and the pesky bacteria that can start out as a little problem and then turn into a big one. If you notice you are suffering from athlete’s foot or any other type of bacterial overgrowth, a bit of geranium will nip it right in the bud. It is also a known healer. Have a cut? Put some geranium oil on it. This will prevent scars and will also help it to heal much faster.

Natural Deodorant

Because the oil is intrinsically a circulatory oil, it is the perfect type of oil to add to natural deodorant. Many people are becoming more and more aware of the health risks of traditional, over-the-counter deodorant. With oils like geranium, you can add a bit to a spray bottle with a little bit of oil (add lemongrass and lavender oil for extra fragrance) and spritz it daily. Your sweat will smell pleasant and body odor is virtually eliminated with this type of oil. The spray can double as a natural perfume as well.

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Galangal Oil: Hair, Skin And Health Benefits

Closely related to the root ginger, galangal has been used historically to flavor and season foods in India and Middle Eastern countries. Traditionally, it has been used in seed, herb and oil form. There are four main types of galangal; many of them work similarly. The four types are greater galangal, Chinese ginger, lesser galangal and sand ginger. Here are the many different ways that this powerful root can effectively promote increased health.

Stomach Issues

If you are a person who wrestles with digestion issues such as cramping, bloating, gas or nausea, using this oil on your stomach will help kick your digestion into high gear. The root has components and properties that enable your digestive acids and enzymes to be activated. This helps the digestive process move in a much swifter fashion. A couple of drops added to the carrier oil of your choice will work well. If you can get your hand on some actual galangal root, eating a piece of it helps too.

Skin Care

The juice that is produced from the root itself, or the oil, when it goes through the necessary process, has over 40 different antioxidants within it. This helps a myriad of skin conditions. Things like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne and other skin issues can be easily treated with this masterful oil. There are studies that show that due to its enormous antioxidant presence, it’s one of the best oils to use on skin for the purposes of anti-aging.

Dry Scalp

Suffering from an irritated, itchy scalp can be one of the most annoying experiences. You can’t stop touching or itching your head and it’s easy for some people to think you have some type of nervous tick or contagious condition. Galangal has been used to coat and treat dry scalps and dandruff for years. A couple of drops can be added to your shampoo or you can mix it with jojoba oil and oil your entire scalp by hand. Either way, this oil will target and kill the bacteria that cause dry scalp, dandruff and irritation.

Hair Growth

If you are looking for a regimen that will be helpful in giving you some extra hair length, this oil is right up your alley. Or even if your hair is starting to thin or become a bit sparse in areas, this oil is perfect to incorporate into your standard practices. Trying oiling your scalp with galangal oil mixed with sweet almond oil or apricot oil. You can also apply some of the oil in order to prevent the splitting of the ends.

Moisturized Hair

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair that tends to break and shed much more than normal, galangal can also be used to fortify and moisturize the hair.  The amount of phosphorous, zinc and other essential vitamins that are found within the oil can completely transform the look and feel of the hair.

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Olive Fruit Oil Preparation

Olives have traditionally been collected by hand, which is the surest way to protect both the olive and the tree itself. Modern techniques that use sticks or machines to shake olives loose from the trees may be faster and more profitable, but they often bruise the fruit, compromising the flavor. Collection of olives can happen earlier in the season when the olive is transitioning from its green color to a purple hue, or later in the season, once the olive has turned purple, or at the very end of the season, when the olive has become fully black in color.

The olive fruit is very high in oleuropein, an intensely bitter compound, and much less sugary than fellow drupes. While oleuropurin is safe, it is utterly unpalatable. Olives must be cured before they can be eaten whole. This is accomplished by soaking or packing the olives in salt, salt water, water or lye. The curing process leeches the bitterness from the fruit and leaves a plump, firm fruit.

Cold Pressed

The abundant oil present in the olive is not from the seed, but the fruit itself. Only about 1% of the oil comes from the pit. To extract the oil, olives are washed, and then pressed under mechanical pressure into a paste. This breaks open the flesh of the fruit, releasing the oils. The paste is then stirred, or malaxed, to allow the small droplets of oil to form larger drops, and then spun to separate the oil. This separation used to be accomplished with presses, common in production of other oils, but very few olive oils are still collected this way.

Modern Oil Collection

Most modern processes for collecting olive oil use centrifuges. The first spin in the centrifuge removes the oil from the wet paste of malaxed olives. The second centrifugation is done at a higher speed and it removes water and other solids from the oil. The oil is then left to sit and allow gravity to remove remaining impurities. A final filtration step may be used in creating the finished oil. Oils that are filtered are usually filtered either through fine paper or diatomaceous earth. Filtration does remove more of the sediment that might accumulate in the bottle, but it also removes some beneficial phenolic compounds and shortens the oil’s shelf life.

Olive Oil Varieties

It is these nuances of preparation that create the varieties of olive oil on the shelf. Extra virgin olive oil, referred to as EVOO, is extracted via one cycle of cold pressing. True extra virgin olive oil will be labeled by the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), an independent group that tests the quality of olive oils.

Virgin olive oil is also from a first pressing, but it has a higher acidity. An EVOO has about 1% acidity, but a virgin olive oil may have up to 2%.

Other blends may include fino, which combines extra-virgin with some virgin oil, light, which has been filtered to remove most potential sediment, and pure, which is a combination favoring virgin mixed with some extra-virgin oils.

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Palo Santo: A Spiritual Oil

Also known as the “Holy Wood” oil, palo santo is deeply tied to the spiritual realm. It has been used for many years, historically, to purify spaces and cleanse users of negative energies. Palo santo comes from a tree that can be found typically in Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. It is closely related to the family of myrrh and frankincense. It is also an oil that is deeply rich in antioxidants which makes it a good aid for a slew of things. Here are all the ways in which this mystical oil can be beneficial.

Immune System Enhancer

The immune system is an incredibly integral part of the body and helps to determine health and sickness. This oil helps to support the immune system by mitigating the negative responses that can be brought on by pollution, poor diet, and stress. Many who suffer from the condition chronic fatigue syndrome find that it’s incredibly helpful to detox their body and give them energy and an alignment that’s often lacking. Try applying a couple of drops on your collar and on your lower back.

Headache Treatment

Sometimes headaches can be so debilitating and frustrating to combat. Depending on the type of headache that you are personally dealing with, a little bit of palo santo on your temples will help to relief any aches or pains that your head may be experiencing. Palo santo lowers inflammation and increases blood flow to that part of your brain. This will help to mitigate the perceived pain that you are feeling in certain parts of your head. You can also put a view drops in a diffuser when you feel the beginnings of a headache.

Muscle Pain Relief

If you suffer from any type of ache or pain, whether that be arthritic, chronic pain or the standard soreness that plagues most of us after a really intense workout, this oil is definitely one that you should keep on hand. Mix several drops of palo santo oil with your favorite carrier oil. Then massage it into the parts of your body that require relief from tension, pain or spasm. You can also add a couple of drops to a warm bathe and soak in it for at least 20 minutes. This helps the oil to penetrate the skin and has an all over healing and restorative effect.

Bug Repellent

For many years mosquitoes could be kept away by the use of palo santo wood chips or sticks being burned. The oil has almost the same type of effect. Insects, especially mosquitoes, absolutely hate it. You can light a candle that is infused with palo santo or you can mix a bit of it in a spray bottle with water. Spray it generously on your clothes and skin in order to keep those blood sucking pests far away from you. They absolutely deplore the smell of it. You can also try spraying your base boards and windows with this mixture to keep other critters at bay. This also works with oils like lavender and peppermint.

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Schisandra: An Adaptable Oil

Schisandra oil is relatively unknown though it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for quite some time. It can be incredibly fortifying and effective for many different issues or ailments. If you are looking for an oil that can be an aid to healing as well as one that has multifaceted uses, you should definitely try this one out as it could be exactly what you are looking for. It can be helpful in cases of low energy, poor digestion and even has certain properties and components that improve the state of your skin. Here are all the ways this oil can be beneficial.

Decreases Inflammation

When parts of the body get inflamed, that is often a precursor to so many different health problems and physical ailments. Inflammation can cause many aspects of the body to react unnaturally and harshly. Due to the high levels of antioxidants that are within Schisandra oil, it’s a great oil to use for fighting off free radical damage and to lower the response of inflammation that can be caused by many factors. Inflammation is thought to be one of the root causes of common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Stress Manager

Many of us deal with very hectic lives. Whether we have very demanding jobs, big families or health concerns, it can sometimes feel like you have way too much on your plate and your stress levels begin to rise. Stress itself can contribute to many of the illnesses and health issues that we so commonly see today. With Schisandra oil, it naturally helps to support the adrenal glands which are highly sensitive to high amounts of stress. It naturally balances hormones and increases the body’s ability to raise its resistance to environmental stressors.

Increases Liver Function

One of the most important organs in our body, the liver, is directly related to digestion, filtration and detoxification. The increased production of enzymes that is caused by this oil can help to improve the overall function of the liver. This will help to protect the body against infections and various gastrointestinal disorders. It will increase the overall immunity of the body, which will make it harder for you to become sick or affected by germs and bad bacteria. The oil has also been known to help with healing pneumonia, treating allergic reactions and relieving stomach ulcers.

Protects Skin

Known as a natural beauty aid, this oil can be very helpful and beneficial to the skin. It has been used historically to protect the skin from outside elements such as sun, wind, and even allergic reactions for those who have sensitive skin. Because of its powerful anti inflammatory properties, it has been used as an aid to treat many skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and rosacea. It’s so effective because it helps to treat the swelling directly and also heals the parts of the skin that are noticeably altered by the breakouts. It can also be used as a spot acne treatment for those who deal often with pesky blemishes.

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Evening Primrose Oil Preparation And Medicinal Uses

Expeller pressing refers to the process of slowly breaking down evening primrose seeds under mechanical pressure, such as two rotating metal plates, to release the fats. Cold pressed means that the oil was expeller pressed at a low temperature. The low temperature prevents the oil from spoiling and helps it retain the beneficial properties of the plant, including plant sterols. The volatility of the valuable compounds being extracted make it a very delicate process that must be carried out in a narrow temperature range.

Solvent Extraction

The amount of oil collected from the evening primrose seed is fairly low, but it is very valuable. The amount of oil collected is greatly increased by using a solvent such as hexane during the extraction process. The hexane is then removed under pressure at low temperatures. In an effort to remove the risk of exposure to solvent altogether, different companies have explored alternative methods. One is supercritical fluid extraction using carbon dioxide. This involves performing the oil extraction under carefully monitored temperature and pressure conditions, and using carbon dioxide to draw out the maximum amount of oil.

Uses In Ayurvedic And Chinese Medicine

Evening primrose oil is considered cooling and nourishing in Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine system of India, making it useful for inflammatory conditions. It is used in eczema, allergies, autoimmune disease, and immune deficiencies. Both Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine recognize the value of evening primrose oil for managing the female reproductive cycles, and in Chinese medicine, it is used to move the blood and improve circulation.

Women’s Health

Evening primrose oil is most sought after as an aid for women’s health, including breast cysts and pain, also called mastalgia, PMS, high blood pressure in pregnancy, facilitating labor and managing hot flashes in menopause. There is a need for larger trials to confirm its benefit in treatment, but the anti-inflammatory action of evening primrose support its traditional uses for these conditions.


Since the 1930s, researchers have believed that a deficiency of essential fatty acids (EFA) or an abnormality of EFA metabolism is at the root of eczema. People with eczema have lots of linoleic acid, but they may have trouble converting it to anti-inflammatory GLA. If that is true, it should be helpful to supplement with GLA-rich evening primrose oil. Studies have not consistently shown benefit, but it may be a matter of finding the right dose to use. It may be helpful at managing side effects from isotretinoin, an acne medication. More studies are needed to determine the efficacy.

Cardiovascular Health

Evening primrose oil has been found to help with pain and loss of nerve function associated with diabetic neuropathy. Results required taking a high dose of oil for six months, and worked better in people with well-regulated blood sugar. Evening primrose may also be helpful for managing blood sugar in women with gestational diabetes. More studies are needed. Because it assists circulation, there is interest in its ability to improve the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, but again, more studies are needed.


Essential fatty acids have been studied for their ability to alleviate the pain of arthritis. The fats in evening primrose oil directly increase the amount of DGLA in the blood. DGLA is a strongly anti-inflammatory fat that should work to reduce pain and protect joints. Some studies are promising, but more evidence is needed before evening primrose can be recommended as a first line treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.


Evening primrose oil is used in cosmetic products such as soaps and lotions. It absorbs well into skin and softens it by infusing its beneficial oils. Topically, it is often used in conjunction with a carrier oil that improves the stability of evening primrose.

Traditional Uses

Native Americans used the leaves of evening primrose to make poultices for healing bruises and hemorrhoids. It was considered a remedy for rheumatism, paralysis, and gout. The whole plant prepared as a tea or tincture was used as a sedative for insomnia, restlessness and calming the lungs in congestions such as bronchitis. Its use for restlessness probably led to the modern suggestion that it is helpful for ADHD, but there is not yet enough research demonstrating that effect. It has also been used to help the body repair from the effects of too much alcohol.

More Facts About Evening Primrose Oil

Most evening primrose oil is sold in capsules. GLA is fairly unstable and goes rancid quickly, so look for products that have had an antioxidant, such as vitamin E added. Use manufacturers that you can trust. There are many examples of evening primrose oil being replaced in capsules by less expensive soy or safflower oil.

Allergies to evening primrose are rarely reported, but are possible. If you know you have an allergy to evening primrose flowers or to GLA, do not use evening primrose topically or internally. Ask your doctor about testing for an allergy to evening primrose or other plants in the onagraceae family.

Evening primrose oil has been studied and found to be safe in children. It is not a common allergen, but if your child has an allergy to evening primrose or other plants in the onagraceae family, do not use evening primrose oil topically or internally as a nutritional supplement.

You would not use evening primrose oil for cooking. It is extremely unstable under any heat, but the plant is edible and nutritious. Young leaves can be added to salad, and the roots can be eaten. A carrier oil such as olive oil could be infused with evening primrose flowers to capture some of the properties of the plant. The oil could then be used just as you would use an olive oil.

Shelf life for primrose oil is very short! Kept under proper storage conditions, evening primrose oil will only last about six months. Vitamin E is added to evening primrose oil to protect it from the oxidative stress that forms as oil begins to go rancid, extending its shelf life. Evening primrose oils need to be refrigerated, and when using it in preparations, it should be added after any step that involves heat.

Evening primrose oil is a good emollient, which means it is good at breaking down skin and softening it. Even so, the pores of the face can be more sensitive to clogging by thick oils. If you tend to have oily skin, evening primrose oil may be better used on other parts of the body.

Caution And Considerations

There has been some evidence that evening primrose will increase seizure activity. Do not use evening primrose, evening primrose oil, or evening primrose essential oil if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures of any kind.

Evening primrose may increase bleeding, so do not use if you have a bleeding or clotting disorder, are on anti-clotting medications or are undergoing surgery.

Evening primrose oil can cause some stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, loose stools or headaches.

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Cistus Essential Oil AKA Rock Rose

There are several essential oils that we have explained and explored that have various names. Some are harder to pronounce, some are a bit too similar to another, completely different type of essential oil. Today, we will be explaining the benefits of Cistus oil, not to be confused with citrus, which is often a blend of lime, lemon and orange oil. Cistus oil is also known as rock rose oil and it is extracted from the leaves and stems of a Cistus plant. An oil with a very strong, pleasant scent, it evokes amber, warm tones that are both heady and dry. It has been used in fragrances due to it’s lovely scent. Here are some helpful uses for this little known oil.

Skin Care

Cistus oil is tremendous for the skin. It is known for the ability to fight against the signs of aging as it naturally tones and tightens the skin. If you are suffering from crows feet, sagging skin or skin that looks dry and drab, this oil is the perfect anecdote to that. You can try adding a couple of drops of the oil to your toner or even your cleanser and make sure you cleanse your skin every night. Dirt particles and pollution surround the face much more than we realize.

Promotes Relaxation

If you’re having trouble relaxing or are constantly agitated or anxiety ridden because of your lifestyle, you need something that’s going to help you decompress and rejuvenate your system while allowing you to unwind. A couple of drops of this oil in a humidifier or a diffuser will help you unwind after a long day of various stressors having your attention.


If you are suffering from colds or bronchitis, this oil can help provide you with some relief. Issues with upper respiratory functions such as asthma, colds, and coughs can be alleviated by using this special and powerful oil. Just a few drops mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus oil can be rubbed on the chest nightly to provide ease in breathing. You can also use it if you happen to suffer with allergies. Those seasonal pests can sometimes take you out of the game; congestion that prevents the proper use of your nose can be downright irritating. This oil will help.

Skin Issues

Do you sometimes deal with patches of eczema, psoriasis or rashes? This oil should be kept on hand. One of it’s key components is its ability to directly improve inflammation. It’s inherently anti inflammatory so any type of swelling, fissures or breakouts will subside substantially by incorporating this oil into your skin care regime. You can add a couple of drops to your bath for an all over treatment that will fortify every part of your skin. You can also spot treat problem areas that you notice are swelling or becoming red for whatever reason. Add a few drops of the oil into a carrier oil and you can apply it directly on the skin.

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Mentha Arvensis Or Mint Oil

Many are familiar with the essential oil peppermint. Even spearmint is pretty well known in certain health and holistic circles. However, Mentha Arvensis isn’t necessarily the same type of mint oil. It’s much more subdued and is usually referred to as water mint or corn mint. There are many different purposes that this oil serves and ways that it can be used for the betterment of specific ailments. The oil has a menthol quality, which makes it naturally cooling, and shares some common chemical constituents with many of the other mint variations that have already been mentioned. Here are some of the ways this mint oil can be helpful.

Digestive Issues

Do you find that you sometimes suffer from gas, bloating, constipation or a myriad of other very uncomfortable symptoms having to do with digestion? Digestive issues are so incredibly common and instead of reaching for the Tums or Alka-Seltzer, you should try treating your discomfort with some mint oil. Try adding a couple of drops of the oil to a lighter oil like apricot or jojoba. Rub it on your entire stomach, from lower to upper regions, and you’ll be stunned how fast it will start to provide you with relief.

Pain And Inflammation

Naturally, many of the mint oils have properties that are anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. This type of oil will work on many different types of pain. Do you suffer from arthritis or rheumatism and your joints start to bother you during a specific time of the day? Keep a bit of this oil on hand to rub into your problem areas. If you suffer from leg cramps or spasms, this oil also helps those as well. You don’t need to suffer from tremendous discomfort and pain when this oil can provide you a bit of ease and relief with simple and consistent application.

Mood Enhancer

This oil is an intrinsic mood lifter. If you are feeling boggled down or overwhelmed, this oil can be a real pick me up. It awakens the senses and can lift moods easily. It’s also known to help keep people energized for specific tasks. This includes increasing mental clarity. Put a couple of drops in your palms and then inhale deeply a few times. This will awaken your senses and immediately rid your consciousness of any negative or tired mood you had been grappling with prior.

Oral Care

Due to the antimicrobial, cooling and disinfectant properties of this oil, it’s a great addition to any oral hygiene routine. If you are suffering from bad breath it can be because of digestion issues or retention that is occurring with remains in your body. This oil can directly address that. Mix two drops of Mentha Arvensis oil in with lemon oil, salt and warm water. Use this gargle both morning and night to enjoy a much more refreshed and cleaner mouth. You can also directly apply the oil to teeth that are hurting. It works well on tooth aches.

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